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, Scientist warns " "If we're still rolling along on fossil fuels by the end of the century, then we've had it." 19th Jul 1976 18th Jul 2022
"A Chemist Thinks about the Future" #Keeling #KeelingCurve 29th May 1969 29th May 2022
"An Investigation into the Bush Administration's Misuse of Science" 18th Feb 2004 17th Feb 2024
"Climate Change: Turning up the Heat" published 13th Oct 2005 13th Oct 2022
"Four Degrees or More: Australia in a Hot World" conference closes 14th Jul 2011 13th Jul 2022
"Global Effects of Environmental Pollution" symposium 26th Dec 1968 25th Dec 2023
"Heavy Use of Coal May Bring Adverse Shit in Climate" 15th Jul 1977 14th Jul 2023
"how on earth do you stop using fossil fuels?" 18th Oct 1973 17th Oct 2022
"I read about them in Time Magazine" (Gilbert Plass's greenhouse warning 25th May 1953 25th May 2022
"Man's Impact on the Climate" published 15th Oct 1971 14th Oct 2023
"Separate studies rank 1990 as world's warmest year" #ShiftingBaseline 10th Jan 1991 9th Jan 2023
"The Endangered Atmosphere" conference begins... 26th Oct 1975 25th Oct 2022
"We are ratcheting ourselves to a new warmer climate" 7th Mar 1988 6th Mar 2023
#climate scientists write "gizza grant" letter to President Nixon 3rd Dec 1972 2nd Dec 2022
161 years ago, a scientist identifies carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas 7th Feb 1861 7th Feb 2022
A key "year" in climate science begins... 1st Jul 1957 1st Jul 2022
a letter from Gilbert Plass to Guy Callendar 30th Dec 1957 29th Dec 2023
AAAS symposium on "Climate and Man" 29th Dec 1969 28th Dec 2023
AAAS workshop in Anaheim begins... 2nd Apr 1979 2nd Apr 2022
ABC talks about atmospheric carbon dioxide measurement 1st May 1980 30th Apr 2023
Academic Paper on "Changes in Carbon Dioxide Content of Atmosphere and Sea Due to Fossil Fuel Combustion" submitted 15th Nov 1958 14th Nov 2022
Academic workshop on "Climate/Society Interface" begins in Toronto... 10th Dec 1978 9th Dec 2022
American ecologist explains carbon build-up to politicians 8th Feb 1973 7th Feb 2023
Arrhenius reads his "Influence of Carbonic Acid in the Air" paper to Swedish Academy of Science... 11th Dec 1895 10th Dec 2022
article in Nature saying 'it's partly us' 4th Jul 1996 3rd Jul 2023
Australian scientists hold "Carbon Dioxide and Climate" symposium in Canberra 15th Sep 1980 14th Sep 2022
Bert Bolin dies. 30th Dec 2007 29th Dec 2022
Canadian TV documentary and discussion about #climate 24th Jan 1984 23rd Jan 2023
Carbon Bus sets off to the North 17th Mar 2014 16th Mar 2024
Charney Report people meet - will conclude "yep, global warming is 'A Thing'." 23rd Jul 1979 22nd Jul 2022
Climate Change And Society 1st Jan 1981 31st Dec 2023
climate modelling workshop in USA 28th Nov 1976 27th Nov 2023
cold fusion!! 23rd Mar 1989 23rd Mar 2022
editor of Science warns about C02 build-up 24th Oct 1967 23rd Oct 2022
Engineers are not ecologists... 19th Jan 1968 18th Jan 2023
EPA sea level rise conference 30th Mar 1983 29th Mar 2023
Eunice Foote identifies carbon dioxide as greenhouse gas 23rd Aug 1856 23rd Aug 2022
Exxon meets a climate scientist 26th Mar 1979 26th Mar 2022
first academic paper to use term "global warming" published 8th Aug 1975 8th Aug 2022
first computer simulation of the weather... 5th Mar 1950 5th Mar 2022
first ever carbon dioxide build-up conference 12th Mar 1963 11th Mar 2023
first scientific meeting about C02 build-up 12th Mar 1963 12th Mar 2022
First World Climate Conference opens 12th Feb 1979 11th Feb 2024
German scientist Hermann Flohn asks "Whither the Atmosphere and the Earth's climate?" 6th Jun 1977 6th Jun 2022
Gilbert Plass launches the carbon dioxide theory globally 5th May 1953 5th May 2023
Gordon Macdonald tries to warn about carbon dioxide build-up... 22nd Jul 1968 21st Jul 2022
Guy Callendar gives advice on unpopularity of C02 theory 19th Nov 1960 18th Nov 2023
Guy Callendar's carbon dioxide warning lands on someone's desk 19th May 1937 19th May 2022
Hawke Government given climate heads up by top scientist 6th Oct 1989 5th Oct 2023
Hermann Flohn warns Irish consequence of "possible consequences of a man-made warming" 9th Oct 1979 8th Oct 2022
Industry is defo allowed to silence scientists... 13th Feb 2007 12th Feb 2023
International meeting about carbon dioxide build up. 17th Nov 1980 16th Nov 2022
it's gonna get hotter, not cooler, say scientists 18th Aug 1975 17th Aug 2023
it's time to stop waffling and say the greenhouse effect is here 23rd Jun 1988 22nd Jun 2023
James Hansen ponders whether scientists can be too cautious and quiet (or, indeed "reticent") 24th May 2007 24th May 2022
James Hansen writes a letter 25th Oct 2000 24th Oct 2023
JASONs have their two cents on the greenhouse effect 1st Apr 1979 1st Apr 2022
JKF warns of actions "which can irreversibly alter our biological and physical environment on a global scale." 23rd Oct 1963 23rd Oct 2022
Jule Charney throws (private) shade on fellow climatologists... 12th Oct 1976 11th Oct 2022
Keeling says pressured not to talk bluntly about "what is to be done?" 25th Apr 1969 24th Apr 2023
Kuwaiti scientist says if global warming happening, it's not fossil fuels. #MRDA 29th Mar 1995 29th Mar 2022
LaMont Cole to AAAS about running outta oxygen, build-up of C02 etc 8th Jan 1968 7th Jan 2024
Met Office boss forced to think about #climate change - first interdepartmental meeting... 14th Nov 1977 13th Nov 2022
Michael Mann's Hockey Stick paper published. 23rd Apr 1998 22nd Apr 2023
money for independent climate scientists? Yeah, nah 3rd Nov 1990 2nd Nov 2023
New Scientist reports on types of intelligence required to deal with #climate change 13th Jan 2021 12th Jan 2023
New York Times reports C02 not the only greenhouse problem 30th Apr 1985 30th Apr 2022
Newsweek's "The Cooling World" story. 28th Apr 1975 28th Apr 2022
Nixon warned about climate change and icecaps melting 3rd Aug 1970 3rd Aug 2022
Science article about "Man-Made Climatic Changes" 18th Dec 1970 17th Dec 2022
Scientist quits advisor role (because ignored on climate?) 18th Feb 2011 17th Feb 2023
scientist tells US senators "global warming is inevitable. It is only a question of the magnitude and the timing." 10th Jun 1986 10th Jun 2022
scientist warns public about carbon dioxide build-up... 7th May 1966 7th May 2022
Scientists puzzle over where the carbon dioxide is going.... 9th Feb 1956 8th Feb 2023
Skeptic invited to engage with IPCC (Spoiler, he doesn't) 21st Nov 1994 20th Nov 2022
Spaceflight!! 2nd Oct 1942 1st Oct 2022
Stephen Schneider "predicts" an ice age (so the myth goes) 13th Jul 1971 13th Jul 2022
Stephen Schneider tries to clear up the "Carbon Dioxide Climate Confusion." 1st Nov 1975 1st Nov 2022
Svante Arrhenius and Guy Callendar die. 2nd Oct 1927 1st Oct 2022
Svante Arrhenius and Guy Callendar die. 2nd Oct 1964 1st Oct 2022
The carbon consequences of cement get an early discussion. 19th Jan 1976 18th Jan 2023
the World (will be heating) according toGARP 29th Jul 1974 28th Jul 2022
Time Magazine reports on "One Big Greenhouse" 28th May 1956 28th May 2022
Times reports "World's temperature likely to rise" 22nd Jun 1976 21st Jun 2022
UK Chief Scientific Advisor worries about atmospheric C02 build-up 4th Apr 1978 4th Apr 2022
UK Meteorological Office explains things to Cabinet Office 18th Jun 1976 18th Jun 2022
US congress begins hearings on #climate 18th May 1976 18th May 2022
US Oil company ponders carbon dioxide build-up... 1st Oct 1957 30th Sep 2022
Villach meeting supercharges greenhouse concerns... 15th Oct 1985 14th Oct 2022
Washington DC symposium talks about carbon dioxide 29th Apr 1970 29th Apr 2022
Washington Post reports Revelle's statements 19th Mar 1956 18th Mar 2024
we pass 400 parts per million. Trouble ahead. 8th May 2013 7th May 2023
Western Australian newspaper carries "climate and carbon dioxide" article 5th May 1953 5th May 2022
World Meteorological Organisation sends IPCC invites. 25th Mar 1988 25th Mar 2022
Yale biologist muses on science, politics, pollution, warming. 1st Jan 1970 2nd Jan 2024

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