The Green History Library contains scanned documents, details of psychical archives, lists of relevant websites and pages, a collection of photos and other images, some audio recordings, videos (hosted off-site), and a book list.

The material is ordered in sections which are listed in the top menu on each library page, some sections have sub-menus.

The archive documents and photos are offered under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike licence,

Library Sections

  • Doc Archive - Contains scans in PDF format of original documents gleaned from various sources. CC-BY-NC-SA licence.
  • Physical Archives - a list of some archives containing paper material relating to Green History in the UK. 
  • Websites - a categorised list of links to relevant web sites and pages
  • Books - a catalogue of books about and relevant to Green History
  • Pictures - contemporary photos of events and people - for the pre-digital era these have been scanned from original prints
  • Videos - links to relevant videoa (hosted off-site, mostly on YouTube)
  • Audio - some audio recordings including party political broadcasts and music
  • Library Updates is a changelog for the Library area