Been doing more tinkering this week with the vexed question of how best to organise and catalogue the growing amount of material. I'd like to get things improved before the next big tranche of documents gets uploaded as I feel that we haven't got it right yet.

The first issue is that there are three distinct types of material on here. There are articles which appear in this main area on the page with menus and other information above and to the right. Then there are images - photos and graphics - which generally appear embedded in articles, but may also form pages of image galleries on particular themes or events (or they will when I get around to it...). And thirdly there are the source documents which are available for download as pdf files from the Document Library. 

There is, and has been from the beginning, much confusion about the difference between ‘environmentalism’ and ‘ecology’, as can be seen in statements put out by PEOPLE’s founders all the way through to the national Green Party in 2018.

Although they often used the word ‘environment’ to describe their politics PEOPLE (the first name of the Green Party) was really an ecological party, from the beginning. The name PEOPLE (always spelt in capitals), however, caused some confusion. Because of it many observers believed the party was primarily concerned with social justice. To correct this impression the party decided, in 1975, to change its name to the Ecology Party. It wanted to firmly root its approach in the new thinking being promulgated by The Ecologist magazine and others. 

Where has Green-History been?

If you are reading this it means that the server problems that have caused everything to become invisible for a couple of days have been resolved.

Apparently there was a technical issue involving a conflict between different parts of the internet as to on which server was actually located. Various "name-servers" (the computers that tell other computers like the one you are reading this on where to find a particular website) got messed up during a server upgrade. 

I was recently told, by a Green Party member, that he was “too busy with the future to think of the past”. It set me thinking. Is history just a nostalgic trip down memory lane for a few oldies, or is it something far more vital; something, even, of critical importance for shaping the future?

History is to understand events ‘in the round’. It’s holism. It means we can give context, and depth of understanding, to the words and actions of people today. And if we believe our actions today will have an impact on the future, then it’s only logical to believe the actions of people in the past are influencing us now... To know where we’re going it is first necessary to know where we come from.