I was recently told, by a Green Party member, that he was “too busy with the future to think of the past”. It set me thinking. Is history just a nostalgic trip down memory lane for a few oldies, or is it something far more vital; something, even, of critical importance for shaping the future?

History is to understand events ‘in the round’. It’s holism. It means we can give context, and depth of understanding, to the words and actions of people today. And if we believe our actions today will have an impact on the future, then it’s only logical to believe the actions of people in the past are influencing us now... To know where we’re going it is first necessary to know where we come from.

As custodians of the Green-History project we try to ensure that we do not apply our own prejudices and opinions to the material. Of course we are not perfect in this and the way we see things is informed by our own personal experiences. Inevitably some of this will colour the editorial content and articles we produce here, and even the priority given to particular material in the archive.

We do our best to be aware of other points of view and make the main content on the site as neutral as possible within the spectrum of green-ecological thinking.

This area - the Custodian's Blog - is different. Here is where we will feel free to express our personal opinions, as well as write about the actual doing of the project today, and write about how we see the implications of the material we have for today's world.

As elsewhere, we are open to comments. In this area there is no attempt to maintain an 'objective' historical perspective. The opinions expressed here are our own.