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This category contains details of election results where ecology or green candidates were standing. Over 40+ years a large number of seats have been contested at all levels and this is not (yet) an exhaustive list. As well as factual results there is some commentary on the results, if this is not attributed then any opinions expressed can be taken as our own views.

There are subcategories for each level or election - European, General and Local - and within each there will be sub categories by region as well as a national overview.

More detailed results are found by year within each sub-category and region, they are also tagged by year to aid searching.

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Subcategories of Elections

  • Euro Elections - with 2 articles

    Direct elections to the European Parliament have been held every five years since 1979. Ecology or Green candidates have been present in every Election.

  • General Elections - with 5 articles

    PEOPLE, Ecology or Green candidates have stood in every General Election since 1974 and many by-elections.

    Up until 1985 the deposit required to stand in a parliamentary election was £150 and the threshold for return of deposit was 12.5% of the votes cast. In 1985 the deposit was increased to £500, but the threshold was reduced to 5%

  • Local Elections - with 3 articles

    Local elections for County, District, Unitary and Town & Parish councils occur almost every year in different places. Generally they are on a four year fixed cycle with most councils electing the entire council at once, but some elect one third of the council every year and then have no elections in the fourth year. A few elect half the council every two years.

    Here we are only concerned with Principal Authority elections (that is County, District and Unitary Councils). There are far too many Parish and Town Councils to track and many of these are a-political with candidates generally not declaring a party allegiance.