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Site News December 2018

Three new articles and a couple of blog posts to draw your attention to this month.

David Taylor has published a major piece on the The Green Collective - a different way of doing things.

Andrew Pearman has contributed a detailed article looking at the reasons behind the rise of the Green Party in 1989 and including some interesting reflections on lessons for today. A synopsis is available here: Out of the Blue - The Politics of the Green Party, and the full paper can be downloaded from the Document Library.

Both of these are grist to the mill of the Green School in February. A suggested reading list for the school will be published here before the Christmas holiday.

Another topic that will form background for the school is the relationship between environmentalism and ecology - David has provided a brief blog post this month as a starter for the discussion. Roger's blog for November is concerned with the problems of organising and cataloging material on the site. 

We would also like to draw your attention to the articles on our Future Plans and the related Fundraising Appeal appeal. There is a lot of work to do and you can help very easily by using the Donate button on the left. 

New documents in the Library this month include the first tranche of Steve Lambert's documents which he donated at the fundraising launch. Now the dark evenings and wet days have well set in Roger is hoping to get a lot more published before the New Year...


Site News 22nd October

The site has a new look which is considerably more "mobile friendly" for those browsing on handheld devices. As part of this refresh some menu items will have moved - we hope to more logical places.

There is a new section "Blog" where the Custodians, David and Roger, can comment on the material and implications for action today and in the future without attempting to be "objective" about historical facts. We don't envisage using it a lot, but we do sometimes find ourselves wanting to express a personal opinion so this is the place where we can do that.

The News and Updates section has been broken into three - General News will appear under Home - News on the menu. Details about new and updated articles will appear under Articles - Article Updates. Details of additions to the Library will appear under Library - Library Updates. These items may also be reflected on the home page where there are significant changes.



Most work this month has been diverted into preparing materials for the Exhibition at the Green Party Conference on 2nd March. In doing so we have uncovered much new information in areas that we haven't really covered yet. This has included looking at the context, people, organisations and publications that existed before 1972 - the nascent Green culture. More information on the relationship between PEOPLE and Movement for Survival. More background on early developments in other countries. More on the internal development of Ecology Party. All of this will feed into new and revised articles over the coming months.

Help needed

We are specifically looking for copies of "Good Earth" magazine published between about 1974 and 1977. Copies were mailed to Ecology Party members as well as subscribers and casual sales - do you have a pile?






As with the document library, the images are undergoing some reorganisation to get them better indexed; a set of image galleries will appear over the next months which will include photos not used within articles.

We have a significant number of new documents to catalogue and make available including collections from Peter Cox (including much material on the Peace movement) and Peter Frings (especially covering early Ecology Party and the members newsletter) as well as miscellaneous other documents. Getting through this backlog will be a major focus over the next month or two including to continue to work through the Green Line archive which needs scanning and indexing.

Articles in preparation include work on Green CND, Green Gatherings, more on the Green Fields at Glastonbury, a look at early local election successes by Ecology Party and details of the 1979, 1983 and 1987 General Election campaigns.

Help needed

We are keen to extend the Green Pioneers section - if you fancy writing 300 words introducing an early green thinker, writer or activist predating 1972 who you are keen to see recognised then please feel free to send us a contributions.

We offer the following suggestions as ideas to help, but your own favourites would be ideal as well: 

  • William Blake
  • Murray Bookchin
  • Karl Marx
  • Prince Kroptokin
  • Lady Eve Balfour
  • Barry Commoner

Let us know if you'd like to do someone. 300 factual words is all it takes.