libraryAt last, perhaps inspired by the 50th (or 51st © DT[1]) approximate anniversary of the founding of PEOPLE - the party that became the Green Party - the party had finally cleared out the 100 odd boxes of documents that have been cluttering the office and store-rooms through successive changes of premises.

We are delighted to see that they have partnered with LSE Library as the official repository for the archive and the material has already been passed over and has been catalogued by the LSE Library. This is an excellent and enormous piece of work and we offer congratulations and thanks to those at LSE who have got stuck in so quickly. You can view the catalogue online here (click on the "GP" link near the top to delve into the details).

vaultThe archive is housed at the library in 10 Portugal Street, London, WC2A 2AD and visitors can arrange to access material - contact the Archives and Special Collections Team for details - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is an ambition to digitise the material as and when it is requested for research, and we will cross link from the Doc.Archive here as new material becomes available.

partnerOn 24th February a Launch Event for the archive was held at the Library attended by the 3 surviving members of the founding "gang of four" who started PEOPLE as well as many other significant "names" from the party's history and present. There is a report and pictures in the blog section here.

References & Footnotes
  1. 50 or 51 : DT insists that the 50th Anniversary should really have be in Sept 2022, which was 50 years from the inaugural Movement for Survival MfS conference in Conway Hall, London attended by about 300 people. MfS was taken over by (or merged with) PEOPLE in late 1973. On the other hand although it had political ambitions MfS was never an explicitly political organisation.