aoylogoThe website (AOY) startied in late 2021 and is run by Marc Hudson. Almost every day he posts a short article about something that happened on that day of relevance to our Eco-Green history.

There are now over 700 articles on the site with only seven days of the year for which he has not yet recorded an event - most days have 2 or 3 events against them. The span of years is from 1768 to 2021, the most events between 1968 and 2015. Posts are assigned tags which make it easier to find them. Unfortunately it is not currently easy to search or filter by event date (rather than posted date) and the indexing facilities provided on a basic wordpress site are somewhat lacking.

As an additional resource we are hosting a (nearly) complete index of the AOY posts here, including a searchable and sortable list of all the event titles and dates, and a list of all the tags used. These are all linked to the relevant pages on the AOY site.  In addition you will see on the right-side column on most pages here a simple "On This Day" box linking to  the posts for today, and on the pages about AOY (like this one and the index pages) there is a box in which you can enter a specific day and month to list the posts for. (This is also in the right hand column over there ------------->

Use the menu above to access three versions of the index.

AOY Events  provides a list of all the events with their date and posted date. Initially it is shown alphabetically by title, you can sort by title, event date, event month, and posted date by clicking on the column headings.
The search box finds text in the article titles, and the search tools allow you to filter the list by event year, month and/or day and by tag.
Click on the article title to open the relevant page on AOY in a new tab/window.

AOY Tags  lists all the tags in use alphabetically (there are over 300 of them). After the name of the tag is a number which indicates the number of events carrying the tag. Click on the tag name to see a list of the tagged events here with a link direct to the AOY page for the specific event.  If you click on the icon after the tag label it will open the AOY list of events for the tag - these show the full text of all events, not just the title, so you may have to scroll down a long way to fnd the one you are looking for.

AOY Index  provides a complete list of tags and their events organised into groups by theme. You can filter by theme:. There are 7 themes, or groups defined: Countries, Places, Organisations, Media, People, Years and General which is a catchall for tags that don't fit comfortably into a more specific group.

 All links to AOY open in a new window or tab (browser setting) named xbAoy so you should only get one additional tab/window which will be used by all links rather than creating a plethora of tabs all with different AOY pages.