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Title Description Files
AC Anthony Cheke's personal archive. Originals scanned by Green History 17
AP Andrew Pearman 1
BG Documents and images supplied by Bruce Garrard 0
BH Brian Heatley 1
CM Chris Millman 17
DT David Taylor from personal archive. Scanned by Green History. 125
EC The Ecologist. Pages (usually also tagged as offprints) taken from the magazine online archive: 5
LW Lesley Whittaker 1
MB Michael Benfield. Documents from his personal archive online. In the archive some items contain multiple documents and some documents are saved as separate pages. These have been split or combined as appropriate.  27
MS Martin Stott 1
OD Owly Dave 0
PCox Peter Cox. These have mostly been supplied as scanned pdfs, in some cases we may have reduced the resolution to reduce file size - the original high resolution version is available on request. 25
PF Peter Frings. These were supplied to us as scanned PDFs. In some cases the resolution may have been reduced to minimise file sizes - the original high resolution version is available on request. 36
SH Sheffield Green Party - Items retrieved from their website history pages - about the only local party currently (2017) maintaining some history pages; well done Sheffield Greens! The original material can be found here: 4
SL from Steve Lambert personal archive, scanned by SL 54
TA Tim Andrewes - mostly old issues of Green Line of which he has a nearly complete set. 54