A brief word of explanation about the lack of progress in here since February. Nothing has been done for the past month, and not much is likely to get done until after Easter.

The reason is simply that more pressing concerns about the Ecological Collapse and Climate Chaos that has clearly now started have taken priority in my life. I have become somewhat involved in the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement, which does seem to be a movement whose time has finally come. After 40 years of frankly pissing around with trivial (in the grand scheme) changes without tackling the underlying problem of an unsustainable civilisation, a section of the green movement is finally waking up and preparing to take direct action in support of changes needed to attempt to stabilise the climate and the eco-systems of which we are a part somewhere short of mass extinction of virtually all mammalian life and hopefully (but less likely) before the collapse of our civilisation.

Thus my focus is elsewhere, certainly until the April events are under way. 

In addition my other project to build a resilient lifestyle for myself that is in no way dependent on industrial civilisation is of necessity ramping up.

Green-History.uk remains, I believe, a very important project and one I certainly hope to return to before too long. Already the understand gained from this study have informed other parts of my life. It is notable that XR itself - particularly under the guidance of Roger Hallam has very much been making use of insights from studying earlier resistance movements. This is one of the reasons I have some hope that we might be able to succeed - it is far from certain, but it seems like our best chance.

I would urge all readers to join together with the Rebellion movement - whether actively taking direct action in London from April 15th, or by expressing your support to your friends and family and colleagues. There will be no truth told about this in the mainstream media - it is up to you to protect and conserve your living history by finding and telling the real stories as they emerge.