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"Earthrise" photo 24th Dec 1968 23rd Dec 2022
"Global Effects of Environmental Pollution" symposium 26th Dec 1968 25th Dec 2023
"Hell upon Earth" warning about environmental destruction,inc. climate... 23rd Nov 1968 22nd Nov 2022
"man has already rendered the temperature equilibrium of the globe more unstable." 19th Jul 1968 18th Jul 2023
Can the world be saved? 31st Mar 1968 30th Mar 2024
first(?) UK government attention to the possibility of climate change 15th Jul 1968 14th Jul 2023
Is Man Spoiling the Weather? (yes) 19th Aug 1968 18th Aug 2023
LaMont Cole to AAAS about running outta oxygen, build-up of C02 etc 8th Jan 1968 7th Jan 2024
The Motherfuckers do their motherfucking thing, with garbage in New York. 12th Feb 1968 11th Feb 2023
the New Yorker glosses air pollution, mentions carbon dioxide 13th Apr 1968 12th Apr 2023
the UN says yes to an environment conference 30th Jul 1968 29th Jul 2023
UK national newspaper flags carbon dioxide danger... 17th Nov 1968 16th Nov 2022
Ultima Fule on Ultima Thule 21st Jan 1968 20th Jan 2024
UN General Assembly says yes to a conference about environment. C02 mentioned. 3rd Dec 1968 2nd Dec 2023

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