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"Oil Lobby Urges Bush to Keep Climate Change Off the Table at Earth Summit" 16th Aug 2002 15th Aug 2023
"Our Common Future" released. 27th Apr 1987 27th Apr 2022
"The US should agree to stabilising CO2 levels" 19th Nov 1990 18th Nov 2022
24 US senators call for immediate unilateral climate action 14th Apr 1989 14th Apr 2022
a big #climate conference in Egypt begins... 17th Dec 1989 16th Dec 2022
A matter of... Primo Levi's death 11th Apr 1987 11th Apr 2022
academics call for insurance industry to get involved in climate fight 5th Aug 2010 4th Aug 2023
Activists demand even steeper emissions cuts than "Toronto." Ignored, obvs. But were right... 10th Nov 1988 9th Nov 2022
Art exhibition in Copenhagen saves the world 27th Dec 2009 26th Dec 2023
Australian diplomats (probably) tried to water down IPCC recommendations 30th Aug 1990 29th Aug 2022
begging letter to world leaders sent 18th Apr 1989 18th Apr 2022
business groups predict economic chaos if action is taken on #climate 25th Feb 1992 25th Feb 2022
Climate change rears its head at a development meeting... 24th Jun 1985 23rd Jun 2023
David Bowie and (Five Years until) the End of the World. Also, Stockholm 16th Jun 1972 16th Jun 2022
first signs of a split in the anti-climate action business coalition... 24th Aug 1994 23rd Aug 2022
G7 says climate change matters. Yes, 1979. 29th Jun 1979 29th Jun 2022
Greenies want deep emissions cuts. Doesn't happen. #TorontoTarget 28th Jun 1988 27th Jun 2023
Greenpeace slams Australian government on #climate obstructionism 25th Apr 1996 25th Apr 2022
International meeting about carbon dioxide build up. 17th Nov 1980 16th Nov 2022
International Negotiating Committee 10th meeting ends 2nd Sep 1994 1st Sep 2023
international negotiations edge forward 27th Aug 1993 26th Aug 2023
Kuwaiti scientist says if global warming happening, it's not fossil fuels. #MRDA 29th Mar 1995 29th Mar 2022
Langkawi Declaration on environmental sustainability... 21st Oct 1989 20th Oct 2022
New York Times front page expose on anti-climate action by industry 26th Apr 1998 26th Apr 2022
Noordwijk conference - "alright, we will keep talking" 6th Nov 1989 5th Nov 2023
Oooh, an international conference.... 16th Jun 1993 15th Jun 2023
President Bush again threatens to boycott Earth Summit 21st Apr 1992 21st Apr 2022
Second World Climate Conference underway 6th Nov 1990 5th Nov 2023
Small Island States say "er, we gotta do something before the waves close over our heads" 18th Nov 1989 17th Nov 2022
Sweden begins to save the world... 13th Dec 1967 12th Dec 2022
Thatcher uses carbon dioxide build-up to shill for nuclear power 29th Jun 1979 28th Jun 2023
the UN says yes to an environment conference 30th Jul 1968 29th Jul 2023
UK Prime Minister chides US on #climate change 8th Jul 1991 8th Jul 2022
UN General Assembly says yes to a conference about environment. C02 mentioned. 3rd Dec 1968 2nd Dec 2023
UNEP should become world eco-regime 27th Sep 1988 26th Sep 2023
US and Australian enemies of #climate action plot and gloat 22nd Oct 1997 21st Oct 2022
USA says it will, after all, support the idea of a #climate treaty 12th May 1989 12th May 2022
warm words at The Hague, where the climate criminals should be sent... 11th Mar 1989 11th Mar 2022
World Meteorological Organisation sends IPCC invites. 25th Mar 1988 25th Mar 2022

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