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"man has already rendered the temperature equilibrium of the globe more unstable." 19th Jul 1968 18th Jul 2023
"the Swedish environmental turn" picks up speed 27th Oct 1967 26th Oct 2023
Academic Paper on "Changes in Carbon Dioxide Content of Atmosphere and Sea Due to Fossil Fuel Combustion" submitted 15th Nov 1958 14th Nov 2022
Arrhenius reads his "Influence of Carbonic Acid in the Air" paper to Swedish Academy of Science... 11th Dec 1895 10th Dec 2022
Bert Bolin dies. 30th Dec 2007 29th Dec 2022
Club of Rome guy's ethics are clubbed 13th Mar 1971 12th Mar 2024
Sweden begins to save the world... 13th Dec 1967 12th Dec 2022
Swedish "Monitor" program talks environmental crisis 7th Dec 1967 6th Dec 2023
Swedish Prime Minister says "risk of a changed climate due to human activities ... [is] of utter importance" 29th Nov 1974 28th Nov 2022
the messy inclusion of climate change in energy politics 14th Jun 1979 14th Jun 2022
the UN says yes to an environment conference 30th Jul 1968 29th Jul 2023
UN body says "let's have a conference, maybe?" 29th May 1968 24th May 2023
UN body says "let's have a conference, maybe?" 29th May 1968 28th May 2023
UN General Assembly says yes to a conference about environment. C02 mentioned. 3rd Dec 1968 2nd Dec 2023

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