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, Scientist warns " "If we're still rolling along on fossil fuels by the end of the century, then we've had it." 19th Jul 1976 18th Jul 2022
" "A greenhouse energy strategy : sustainable energy development for Australia" launched ... ignored #auspol 3rd Mar 1990 3rd Mar 2022
"'Greenhouse Effect' Could Trigger Flooding, Crop Losses, Scientists Say" 13th Jun 1988 12th Jun 2022
"#Climate Experts see a Warming Trend" 18th Feb 1978 18th Feb 2022
"4 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rise by 2027" predicts #climate scientist Wally Broecker 31st May 1977 31st May 2022
"a risk averse society might prefer nuclear power generation to fossil fuel burning" 16th Apr 1980 16th Apr 2022
"Hell upon Earth" warning about environmental destruction,inc. climate... 23rd Nov 1968 22nd Nov 2022
"Man-Made Carbon Dioxide and the "Greenhouse Effect" published in Nature 1st Sep 1972 31st Aug 2022
"Silent Spring" published as a book 27th Sep 1962 26th Sep 2022
"Spaceship Earth" is launched, trying to get us to see our fragility (didn't work) 9th Jul 1965 9th Jul 2022
#climate scientist Stephen Schneider on Carson for the last time... 7th Sep 1977 6th Sep 2022
Activists demand even steeper emissions cuts than "Toronto." Ignored, obvs. But were right... 10th Nov 1988 9th Nov 2022
All the way with LBJ - first President to say "carbon dioxide is building up" 8th Feb 1965 8th Feb 2022
Ann Landers is Greta Thunberg avant la lettree... 3rd Sep 1988 2nd Sep 2022
Aussie senator alerts colleagues to #climate threat. Shoulder shrugs all round. #auspol 23rd May 1980 23rd May 2022
Australian scientists hold "Carbon Dioxide and Climate" symposium in Canberra 15th Sep 1980 14th Sep 2022
Australians warned, on television, about ecological breakdown. #ABC 7th Jun 1971 7th Jun 2022
C02 problem is most important issue..."another decade will slip by" warns Wally Broecker to Senator Tsongas 7th Apr 1980 7th Apr 2022
Canadian TV documentary and discussion about #climate 24th Jan 1984 23rd Jan 2023
Climate change as red light? "No, but flashing yellow." 24th Jul 1977 23rd Jul 2022
German scientist Hermann Flohn asks "Whither the Atmosphere and the Earth's climate?" 6th Jun 1977 6th Jun 2022
Gordon Macdonald tries to warn about carbon dioxide build-up... 22nd Jul 1968 21st Jul 2022
Greenpeace warns of climate time bomb 3rd Jun 1994 2nd Jun 2023
Hermann Flohn warns Irish consequence of "possible consequences of a man-made warming" 9th Oct 1979 8th Oct 2022
New York Times front page story "scientists foresee serious climate changes" 25th Jul 1977 25th Jul 2022
New York Times front page story costs #climate scientists their jobs. 22nd Aug 1981 21st Aug 2022
New York Times reports C02 not the only greenhouse problem 30th Apr 1985 30th Apr 2022
New Yorkers get to watch a documentary on "The Climate Crisis" 24th Jun 1986 24th Jun 2022
Nixon warned about climate change and icecaps melting 3rd Aug 1970 3rd Aug 2022
scientist tells US senators "global warming is inevitable. It is only a question of the magnitude and the timing." 10th Jun 1986 10th Jun 2022
Swedish prime minister briefed on carbon dioxide build-up 25th Apr 1974 25th Apr 2022
Swedish Prime Minister says "risk of a changed climate due to human activities ... [is] of utter importance" 29th Nov 1974 28th Nov 2022
the Unchained Goddess is unchained... 12th Feb 1958 12th Feb 2022
U Thant gets The Message 11th May 1971 10th May 2023
UK Chief Scientific Advisor worries about carbon dioxide build-up. 23rd Feb 1977 22nd Feb 2023
US news anchorman Walter Cronkite on the greenhouse effect 3rd Apr 1980 3rd Apr 2022
US politicians hold "carbon dioxide and climate" hearings. 31st Jul 1981 30th Jul 2022
we pass 400 parts per million. Trouble ahead. 8th May 2013 7th May 2023
Women told that by 2000 "we will be frantically searching for alternatives to coal." 10th May 1978 10th May 2022

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