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"The Future of Coal under Cap and Trade" hearings... 6th Sep 2007 5th Sep 2023
Australian Prime Minister trolled by senior journalist 5th Feb 2007 4th Feb 2023
Australian Treasury eyeroll about politicians on #climate, (scoop by Laura Tingle). 14th Mar 2007 13th Mar 2024
Bert Bolin dies. 30th Dec 2007 29th Dec 2022
Coal-bashing campaign by gas company ends 27th Apr 2007 26th Apr 2023
Gordon Brown announces first Carbon Capture and Storage competition at WWF event 19th Nov 2007 15th Nov 2022
Industry is defo allowed to silence scientists... 13th Feb 2007 12th Feb 2023
Jeremy Grantham slams Bush on #climate 1st Feb 2007 1st Feb 2022
Judge grants mining licence, doubts climate change 12th Oct 2007 11th Oct 2023
Lavoisier Group lay into CCS 26th Mar 2007 25th Mar 2024
Liberals say climate is a "mass panic" 16th Feb 2007 15th Feb 2023
Newsweek nails denialists 13th Aug 2007 12th Aug 2023
Rudd taunts Howard on 2003 ETS decision 6th Feb 2007 5th Feb 2024
Russia plants a flag on the Arctic sea-bed. 2nd Aug 2007 1st Aug 2023
Smoke, Mirrors and Hot Air, says Union of Concerned Scientists 3rd Jan 2007 2nd Jan 2024
Turns out 0.1% of a Very BIG NUMBER is ... quite a lot... 6th Dec 2007 5th Dec 2022
UK opposition leader David Cameron gives clean coal speech in Beijing... 20th Dec 2007 19th Dec 2022
Unions talk good game on climate 22nd Mar 2007 21st Mar 2024
Virgin on the ridiculous 9th Feb 2007 8th Feb 2024

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