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"CCS to be studied by IPCC" 19th Feb 2003 18th Feb 2023
"Clean Coal Initiative" as move in game of one-dimensional electoral chess #auspol 25th Feb 2007 25th Feb 2022
"Clean coal" power station by2014, honest... 22nd May 2007 22nd May 2022
"RIP C02" says New Scientist 2nd Nov 2006 1st Nov 2023
Aussie trades unions, greenies, companies tried to get CCS 'moving.' 16th Apr 2008 15th Apr 2023
Australian Government CCS support begins... 5th Dec 2002 4th Dec 2022
BioEnergy Carbon Capture and Storage mooted 26th Oct 2001 25th Oct 2023
C02 Disposal symposium takes place in Oxford 29th Mar 1993 28th Mar 2023
carbon capture is doable... 6th Oct 2005 5th Oct 2022
CCS dies in Queensland 19th Dec 2010 18th Dec 2023
CCS is gonna save us all. Oh yes. 2nd May 2012 2nd May 2022
CCS is our only hope, says Chief Scientist.... 5th Dec 2005 5th Dec 2023
CCS project mothballed/killed. 20th Sep 2013 19th Sep 2023
CCS will be at 5GW by 2020. (nope). 30th Jun 2010 29th Jun 2023
CCS's first hype cycle builds 25th Jun 2008 25th Jun 2022
CCS's first hype cycle builds 25th Jun 2002 25th Jun 2022
CCS's first hype cycle builds 25th Jun 2003 25th Jun 2022
CCSA and TUC release Economic Benefits of CCS report 4th Feb 2014 3rd Feb 2024
Climate Change Committee fanboys carbon capture 1st Dec 2008 30th Nov 2023
Energy firms plan to "bury carbon emissions"... 8th Jan 2003 7th Jan 2023
European Parliament says yes to funding CCS 17th Dec 2008 16th Dec 2023
Gordon Brown announces first Carbon Capture and Storage competition at WWF event 19th Nov 2007 15th Nov 2022
Launch of Coal21 National Plan 24th Mar 2004 23rd Mar 2024
Lavoisier Group lay into CCS 26th Mar 2007 25th Mar 2024
the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum is created 25th Jun 2003 24th Jun 2023
UK Government announces feasibility study into Carbon Capture and Storage 17th Sep 2002 16th Sep 2022
UK opposition leader David Cameron gives clean coal speech in Beijing... 20th Dec 2007 19th Dec 2022
Virgin on the ridiculous 9th Feb 2007 8th Feb 2024
Zero Emissions Technology Conference in Australia. At peak excitement of tech solutions 17th Feb 2004 16th Feb 2024

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