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"Cut the Green Crap" said UK Prime Minister 21st Nov 2013 20th Nov 2023
"don't be evil" my fat arse.... 11th Jul 2013 10th Jul 2023
"One religion is enough" says John Howard 8th Nov 2013 7th Nov 2023
absurd claim of Nobel-prize winners' support for Liberal non-policy is debunked. 27th Aug 2013 26th Aug 2023
Australian Department of Climate Change axed 25th Mar 2013 24th Mar 2023
Australian Prime Minister connects bush fires and #climate change 8th Jan 2013 7th Jan 2023
BP writes the rules (de facto) 9th Aug 2013 8th Aug 2023
CCS project mothballed/killed. 20th Sep 2013 19th Sep 2023
celebrities arrested at Whitehouse, protesting Keystone XL 17th Feb 2013 16th Feb 2023
Feeble 'Wind Fraud' rally in Canberra 18th Jun 2013 17th Jun 2023
future Australian PM ridiculed for #climate idiocy 13th Jul 2013 12th Jul 2023
Idiotic "Damage" astroturf attempted by miners 22nd Feb 2013 21st Feb 2023
Liberal Party bullshit about "soil carbon" revealed to be bullshit 18th Apr 2013 17th Apr 2023
Margaret Thatcher died 8th Apr 2013 7th Apr 2023
Media Watch versus climate denialists ... 23rd Sep 2013 22nd Sep 2023
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse's 50th #climate speech 14th Nov 2013 13th Nov 2023
the carbon bubble, will it burst? 15th Feb 2013 14th Feb 2023
The IPA loses support, for being stupid climate deniers. 25th Aug 2013 24th Aug 2023
unreadable denialist screed published. 29th Jul 2013 28th Jul 2023
US companies pretend they care, make "Climate Declaration" 10th Apr 2013 9th Apr 2023

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