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"An Investigation into the Bush Administration's Misuse of Science" 18th Feb 2004 17th Feb 2024
"Industrial Group Plans to Battle Climate Treaty" 26th Apr 1998 25th Apr 2023
"Luntz memo" exposes Bush climate strategy 4th Mar 2003 3rd Mar 2023
"Oil Lobby Urges Bush to Keep Climate Change Off the Table at Earth Summit" 16th Aug 2002 15th Aug 2023
"One religion is enough" says John Howard 8th Nov 2013 7th Nov 2023
"The denialists take Canberra" with "Countdown to Kyoto" conference 19th Aug 1997 18th Aug 2022
#Australia gets swindled on #climate change... 12th Jul 2007 11th Jul 2022
#climate denial machine exposed again and again 26th Dec 1997 25th Dec 2022
#survival emissions versus outright denial 6th Mar 1992 5th Mar 2023
ABC chairman gives stupid speech to staff 10th Mar 2010 9th Mar 2023
American #climate denial comes to London 28th Jul 1990 27th Jul 2022
American scientist claims "no firm evidence" of #climate change Australian National Press Club #denial 16th Jul 1992 15th Jul 2022
an oil company defects from thedenialists. Sort of. 19th May 1997 18th May 2023
another skirmish in the IPCC war 16th Nov 1995 15th Nov 2023
Aussie #climate scientist smeared rather than engaged. Plus ca change... 25th May 2011 25th May 2022
Australian "wingnuts are coming out of the woodwork" 5th Mar 2011 4th Mar 2023
Australian #climate denialist spouting his nonsense... 8th Sep 1990 7th Sep 2022
Australian businessman declares climate change "no longer an issue" 16th Oct 1997 15th Oct 2022
Australian denialist gives "Greenhouse Myths" seminar. 24th Sep 1991 23rd Sep 2022
Australian denialist nutjobs have nutjob jamboree 24th May 2000 23rd May 2023
Australian denialist spouting tosh to his US mates. 28th Sep 1997 27th Sep 2022
Australian denialists get American scientist to testify about Kyoto Protocol, smear IPCC 3rd Nov 2000 2nd Nov 2022
Australian diplomats (probably) tried to water down IPCC recommendations 30th Aug 1990 29th Aug 2022
Australian Mining Industry operative misrepresents the #climate science. Obvs. 20th Aug 1997 19th Aug 2022
Australian Mining Journal says C02 is a Good Thing 1st Nov 1988 1st Nov 2023
Australian politician calls for "official figures" on #climate to be suspended because they are rubbery af 5th Aug 1997 4th Aug 2022
Australian senator predicts climate issue will be gone in ten years... 14th Mar 1997 13th Mar 2023
Australian TV station SBS shows demented '"Greenhouse Conspiracy" 'documentary' 9th Nov 1991 8th Nov 2022
Barron's "Climate of Fear" shame... 27th Feb 1989 26th Feb 2024
business press pushback about Global Warning "panic" begins... 25th Dec 1989 24th Dec 2022
Canadian "experts" (not) keep culture wars going. 6th Apr 2006 5th Apr 2023
Canberra bullshit about environment 9th Dec 1998 8th Dec 2023
Canberra Times gives denialist tosh a platform 16th Jul 1990 15th Jul 2023
Canberra Times soils itself by publishing denialist claptrap 15th Jun 1994 14th Jun 2022
Channel 4 shows crackpot documentary "The Greenhouse Conspiracy" 12th Aug 1990 11th Aug 2022
children of colour used as propaganda tools by #climate wreckers/greens do "motherhood" 19th Jun 1997 19th Jun 2022
climategate keeps delivering for denialists 20th May 2010 19th May 2023
coal industry sweats over greenie influence... 4th May 1990 3rd May 2023
Coal industry tries to get some 'love' 13th Nov 2008 12th Nov 2022
crazy but well-connected #climate denialists schmooze politicians 27th Jun 2000 26th Jun 2022
denialist bullshit in the Fin 23rd Jan 1992 22nd Jan 2024
denialist denies in delusional denialist newspaper 8th May 2015 7th May 2023
Denialist gloating about influence on Bush 22nd Feb 1991 11th Feb 2024
Denialist goons smear scientist 30th May 1996 29th May 2023
Denialist nutjobs do denialist nutjobbery. Again. 18th May 2006 17th May 2023
denialist sprays #climate science with his bullshit 2nd Feb 1996 1st Feb 2023
Denialist tosh - "The origins of the alleged scientific consensus" 13th Apr 1992 13th Apr 2022
denialists caught denying their own scientists... 23rd Apr 2009 23rd Apr 2022
denialists stopping climate action. Again. 23rd Jul 1998 22nd Jul 2023
Denialists versus the facts, again. 2nd Jul 1993 2nd Jul 2023
Ditch the Witch rally in Canberra 23rd Mar 2011 2nd Mar 2024
Dutch scientists try to plug denialists' holes in the dike 10th Feb 2010 10th Feb 2022
Ex-CSIRO #climate boss shows he has lost the plot 18th Aug 1996 17th Aug 2022
Exxon tries to downplay "the greenhouse effect." Again. 3rd Aug 1988 2nd Aug 2023
Feeble denialists launch feeble denialist "report" 18th Sep 2013 17th Sep 2023
first signs of a split in the anti-climate action business coalition... 24th Aug 1994 23rd Aug 2022
George Christensen and his culture war hijinks. 7th Mar 2012 6th Mar 2024
Global Climate Coalition co-ordinates an anti-Kyoto conference 5th Nov 1997 5th Nov 2022
GM bails from Global Climate Coalition 15th Mar 2002 14th Mar 2024
Heartland Institute spamming science teachers 28th Mar 2017 27th Mar 2023
Idiotic "Damage" astroturf attempted by miners 22nd Feb 2013 21st Feb 2023
James Inhofe shares his genius 28th Jul 2003 27th Jul 2023
John Daly, Australian skeptic, dies 29th Jan 2004 28th Jan 2024
John Howard meets with business buddies to kill climate action 7th Aug 2003 6th Aug 2023
Liberals say climate is a "mass panic" 16th Feb 2007 15th Feb 2023
Media Watch versus climate denialists ... 23rd Sep 2013 22nd Sep 2023
Michael Mann's Hockey Stick paper published. 23rd Apr 1998 22nd Apr 2023
Monbiot versus Plimer on Lateline 15th Dec 2009 16th Dec 2023
more smears about the IPCC, in the Financial Times 3rd Nov 1990 2nd Nov 2023
moronic "Leipzig Declaration" by moronic denialists 10th Nov 1995 9th Nov 2023
Murdoch rag in denialist shocker 10th May 1997 9th May 2023
National Academy of Sciences vs Oregon petition fraud 20th Apr 1998 19th Apr 2023
Nature editorial on "The Great Greenhouse Scare" 19th Feb 1971 18th Feb 2024
Nazi smears used by denialists, obvs 12th Jun 2011 11th Jun 2023
New York Times front page expose on anti-climate action by industry 26th Apr 1998 26th Apr 2022
Newsweek nails denialists 13th Aug 2007 12th Aug 2023
Newsweek's "The Cooling World" story. 28th Apr 1975 28th Apr 2022
Republicans urged to question the scientific consensus... 4th Mar 2003 4th Mar 2022
Royal Society to Exxon: "Knock it off with the funding to #climate deniers" 4th Sep 2006 3rd Sep 2022
Scientist tries to separate fact from denialist fiction 9th Mar 2009 8th Mar 2023
scientists suffer backlash (not outa thin air though) 14th Sep 1993 13th Sep 2023
Skeptic invited to engage with IPCC (Spoiler, he doesn't) 21st Nov 1994 20th Nov 2022
snarky opinion piece in New York Times. Stephen Schneider rebuts days later. 28th Aug 1971 27th Aug 2022
The Heartland Institute tries the Unabomber smear. It, er, blows up in their face... 4th May 2012 4th May 2022
The so-called "Cooler Heads" coalition created 6th May 1997 6th May 2022
unreadable denialist screed published. 29th Jul 2013 28th Jul 2023
US oil and gas versus Kyoto Protocol, planet 8th Jun 1997 8th Jun 2022
well-connected denialists gather in Washington DC to spout #climate nonsense 14th May 2002 14th May 2022

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