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"man has already rendered the temperature equilibrium of the globe more unstable." 19th Jul 1968 18th Jul 2023
#survival emissions versus outright denial 6th Mar 1992 5th Mar 2023
A UN conference on technology for "less developed areas" starts 4th Feb 1963 3rd Feb 2023
a UNESCO education conference mentions climate change... 14th Oct 1977 13th Oct 2023
American journalist warns about melting the icecaps... 28th Jul 1970 28th Jul 2022
business groups predict economic chaos if action is taken on #climate 25th Feb 1992 25th Feb 2022
climategate keeps delivering for denialists 20th May 2010 19th May 2023
CoP meeting ends in official disarray... 25th Nov 2000 24th Nov 2022
first UNEP Emissions Gap report 13th Mar 2010 12th Mar 2024
International Negotiating Committee 10th meeting ends 2nd Sep 1994 1st Sep 2023
international negotiations edge forward 27th Aug 1993 26th Aug 2023
Investors hold UN summit on #climate risk 14th Jan 2010 13th Jan 2023
JKF warns of actions "which can irreversibly alter our biological and physical environment on a global scale." 23rd Oct 1963 23rd Oct 2022
Sweden begins to save the world... 13th Dec 1967 12th Dec 2022
The "sustainable development" Brundtland Report was released 20th Mar 1987 19th Mar 2023
The Millennium Ecosystems Report is launched. 30th Mar 2005 29th Mar 2023
The UN holds a "new sources of energy" conference. 21st Aug 1961 20th Aug 2023
the UN says yes to an environment conference 30th Jul 1968 29th Jul 2023
UK government to ratify climate treaty 26th Mar 1993 25th Mar 2023
UN body says "let's have a conference, maybe?" 29th May 1968 24th May 2023
UN body says "let's have a conference, maybe?" 29th May 1968 28th May 2023
UN General Assembly says yes to a conference about environment. C02 mentioned. 3rd Dec 1968 2nd Dec 2023
UN Security Council finally discusses the most important security issue of all... 17th Apr 2007 17th Apr 2022
war criminal Henry Kissinger gives climate danger speech 15th Apr 1974 14th Apr 2023

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