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"Ark" sinks its cred 11th Apr 1989 10th Apr 2023
"Greenhouse Action Australia" launches... 1st Nov 1989 31st Oct 2022
"Hawkie" flies off to flog coal 30th Jan 1989 29th Jan 2024
a big #climate conference in Egypt begins... 17th Dec 1989 16th Dec 2022
a Sydney council takes greenhouse suggestions on-board (or says it will). 24th Aug 1989 23rd Aug 2023
Barron's "Climate of Fear" shame... 27th Feb 1989 26th Feb 2024
business press pushback about Global Warning "panic" begins... 25th Dec 1989 24th Dec 2022
first anti-climate action economic "modelling" released in Australia 4th Dec 1989 3rd Dec 2022
Greenhouse tax urged... 4th Dec 1989 3rd Dec 2023
Hawke Government given climate heads up by top scientist 6th Oct 1989 5th Oct 2023
National Academy of Science tries to chivvy Bush. 5th Jan 1989 4th Jan 2024
Noordwijk conference - "alright, we will keep talking" 6th Nov 1989 5th Nov 2023
Petra Kelly disses the Australian Prime Minister 24th Sep 1989 23rd Sep 2023
Senior Australian politician talks on"Industry and Environment" 1st Nov 1989 31st Oct 2023
Small Island States say "er, we gotta do something before the waves close over our heads" 18th Nov 1989 17th Nov 2022
South Australia creates "interdepartmental committee on #climate change"... 14th Aug 1989 13th Aug 2022
Space shields to save the earth... 17th Aug 1989 16th Aug 2023
UK Government launches first of many blame-shifting publicity campaigns on #climate 4th Nov 1989 3rd Nov 2022

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