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American ecologist explains carbon build-up to politicians 8th Feb 1973 7th Feb 2023
An academic article about the Arctic emerges from the Met Office 5th Jan 1973 4th Jan 2023
Australian politician warns of climate change 29th Nov 1973 28th Nov 2022
Australian Treasury forced to acknowledge carbon dioxide... 8th Jun 1973 7th Jun 2023
CIA coup topples Chilean democracy 11th Sep 1973 10th Sep 2023
Education for the Future? Meh. 14th Jun 1973 13th Jun 2023
Edward Heath announces Three Day Week 13th Dec 1973 12th Dec 2023
Energy security avant la Ukraine: Nixon announces "Project Independence" 7th Nov 1973 6th Nov 2022
first film to mention global warming released (Soylent Green) 19th Apr 1973 18th Apr 2023
Miners advertise for a greenie to join them 5th May 1973 5th May 2023
Ozone concerns on display in Kyoto... 10th Sep 1973 9th Sep 2023
Protest in Piccadilly Circus 31st Mar 1973 30th Mar 2024
Sir Kingsley Dunham points out the C02problem 26th Aug 1973 25th Aug 2023
the coup at the Australian Conservation Foundation 17th Oct 1973 16th Oct 2023

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