Autumn 2018 Update

Thanks to our Crowdfunder in March 2018 we raised enough money to put the website on a secure footing for the next two years. 

Now we are starting to focus on the running costs and future development costs.

The Custodians - David & Roger - work on the project for the satisfaction of doing it and without seeking any financial benefit. We are delighted to be receiving a steady flow of new material which is, however, proving somewhat more than Roger's spare time scanning operation can handle.

Accordingly we are putting out another funding call with two very specific objects:

a) to obtain a secondhand A3 flatbed scanner as we have quite a lot of material which is printed on paper larger than A4 (in particular the late 1980s EcoNews collection) and our current scanner only goes up to A4. We have an opportunity to acquire a very good quality one (Plustek OpticPro A320L) which is being held for us for £150.

b) to pay an interested student or similar for occasional work scanning documents and preparing the files for upload - this is quite a time consuming process and we estimate that we already have in excess of 50hrs work in the backlog. At a rate of £8 per hour cash-in-hand this would be an outlay of £400. There would also be some small costs with providing suitable space for this activity.

There are two further areas of activity that we would like to move forward on as well:

c) There are a number of paper archives which we would like to visit and retrieve material from. In addition to the time this takes there are also travelling costs and in some cases overnight costs given that we are both based 'down west', and also many archives charge a fee for their time in retrieving and copying material.
We would like to be able to budget at least £500 per year for this activity.

d) We are also looking to extend and develop the educational activities associated with the project - mounting more exhibitions and talks and collaborating with others in developing an educational programme. For this it is mostly travelling and material preparation costs that arise, and we would like to raise about £800 for seeding these activities. In the longer term we would hope to make these programmes self funding.

In total then we are looking for around £1900 funding this winter 

  • Scanner and office costs £200
  • Assistance to prepare materials for the archive £400
  • Physical archive visits £500
  • Seeding the educational programme £800

If you would like to donate to help the development of the project then you can use the button below. Money raised will be allocated in the order identified above (a to d) - if you would like to sponsor a specific part of the programme then simply tell us by email after you have made your donation.

We do not yet have a GH bank account so you can either donate using a credit or debit card to our PayPal account or by direct bak transfer or cheque to one of our personal accounts - if you do this please be sure to let us know by email that the money is for Green-History. Paying directly does save us the card processing fees which.

Thank you for your support.

Cheques payable to R.Creagh-Osborne send to 4 Winsor Cottages, Newport, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 8DL. or bank transfers to a/c 10297463 sort 089286 name R.Creagh-Osborne email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (so that we both know). Simplest and quickest for you is to use the Donate button and pay by card.

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