tagsContent & Sidebar areas


The main content of a page appears in this area. Some pages are lists of items with basic details and links to get the full picture,  other pages display a complete article and supporting information.


Single article pages display the title at the top. Next to the title is a button to jump straight to the article information at the foot of the page. Beneath the title is the article text, and under that further information (meta-data) about the article. The article information may include links to the next and previous article in its category, the category and tags assigned to the article which link to pages listing all the other items with the same tag or category. There may also be details of any references in the text and information about the sources for the article.


Pages that 

For more details of the Doc.Archive layout see the Introduction to the Archive page.


The sidebar on the right-hand side of most pages contains several "modules" (separate grey areas) each of which provides othe information and links related to the current page. The precise modules shown may vary from page to page. Common ones include a linked list of new articles, a list of other articles in the same category as the current article, a list of articles with similar tags, a list of article categories with links to pages listing the articles in the category, an expandable list of Document Archive categories again with links.