At the foot of every article there is an information block which tells you the category, tags, adjacent and related items for the article. At the top of the page is a button Article Info which takes you straight down to the info block. There is a corressponding button Up to Top which floats at the bottom right of the screen as you scroll down to take you back to the top of the page.

In the info block you will see the related links (up to 3 if set), the category and its parent category, and the tags organised into groups. Clicking on a tag or category will give you a page listing all the articles sharing the same category or tag.

The Articles category hierachy currently has four levels. The six top level categories are:

  • Articles - main category for articles about the history of the green movement; the largest area with many sub-categories
  • Editorial - primarily news about the site and project and these help files
  • Elections - articles specifically about elections are pulled out to a separate top level category
  • Library - articles about the content library
  • Green-History Project - articles about the project more generally including exhibitions and outreach
  • Blog - the custodians' occasional blog articles

The Article tags are organised into groups or types - the top level types for Article Tags are:

  • Editorial - mirrors the editorial category
  • Individuals - people mentioned in an article
  • Organisations - organisations and groups
  • Places - locations in the UK
  • Publications - journals, magazines, books published for public reading (excludes internal organisation newsletters)
  • Themes - groups articles together across key themes like Politics or Direct Action
  • Years - tags for each year, for articles these will be the years the article is about rther than when it was published