May-June 2018

aka the Counter Cruise Cosmic Carnival 

Each month we will be featuring a new article, or something similar, which we think is of particular interest, either because it gives more depth or because it sheds new light on some aspect of our green history which we think improves our understanding of what was happening.

This month we are featuring David's piece on the July 1982 Greenham Festival - also known as the Counter Cruise Cosmic Carnival (not spelt with "K"s, though it could have been).
Do take a look - there is a lot of good stuff in there which has been teased out as David managed to talk to more of the participants.

In particular a suggestion has come to light that the involvement of the "peace convoy" might have been partly triggered by an agent provacateur.

  • Read the full article with pictures here.
  • You can find related documents in the library here
Were you there? Did you help levitate the police van complete with driver? What do you remember - add your comments on the web page.
Is this type of direct action done better today? Is violence against property (in this case attacking the fence in response to the destruction of trees by the other side) a good idea? Ever? Never? Where did you stand then? Where do you stand today?

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