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Arctic Sunrise  
Wed 18th Sep 2013 Greenpeace try to occupy the "Arctic Sunrise." 17th Sep 2022
2 Events
Mon 19th Dec 1988 the launch of "Ark" 18th Dec 2023
Tue 11th Apr 1989 "Ark" sinks its cred 10th Apr 2023
Fri 22nd Feb 2013 Idiotic "Damage" astroturf attempted by miners 21st Feb 2023
Australian Financial Review  
10 Events
Tue 26th Jul 1988 Australian uranium sellers foresee boom times... 26th Jul 2023
Mon 4th Dec 1989 first anti-climate action economic "modelling" released in Australia 3rd Dec 2022
Wed 29th Aug 1990 The Australian mining and forestry industries threaten to spit the dummy 28th Aug 2022
Thu 23rd Jan 1992 denialist bullshit in the Fin 22nd Jan 2024
Wed 16th Mar 1994 "We could bail from Rio" says former Environment Minister 15th Mar 2024
Wed 28th Dec 1994 Australian Financial Review says "say yes to Tradeable Emissions Quotas" 27th Dec 2022
Fri 12th Nov 1999 John Howard and mates say "nope" to renewables 12th Nov 2022
Fri 22nd Nov 2002 private business battles on #climate become public in Australia 21st Nov 2022
Wed 14th Mar 2007 Australian Treasury eyeroll about politicians on #climate, (scoop by Laura Tingle). 13th Mar 2024
Wed 14th Mar 2007 Top Australian bureaucrat admits "frankly bad" #climate and water policies 14th Mar 2022
Sun 27th Mar 1977 what we can learn from Dutch arrogance and aviation disasters 27th Mar 2022
2 Events
Thu 28th Dec 1978 fly the plane. Don't keep tapping the fuel light. 27th Dec 2023
Sun 24th Sep 2006 "Plane Stupid" holds first action, with "Sermon on the Taxiway" at East Midlands Airport 23rd Sep 2022
Fri 6th Jan 1995 Australian business interests battle a carbon tax with "nobody else is acting" argument 5th Jan 2023
Berlin Mandate  
3 Events
Wed 29th Mar 1995 Kuwaiti scientist says if global warming happening, it's not fossil fuels. #MRDA 29th Mar 2022
Fri 7th Apr 1995 First "COP" meeting ends with industrialised nations making promises... 6th Apr 2023
Sat 8th Apr 1995 Australian environment minister says happy with "Berlin Mandate" 8th Apr 2022
2 Events
Tue 26th Jul 1988 Australian uranium sellers foresee boom times... 26th Jul 2023
Wed 16th Sep 2015 Turns out big companies are 'climate hypocrites'? 15th Sep 2023
2 Events
Tue 26th Aug 2003 Australian "plan" to save biodiversity 25th Aug 2023
Wed 30th Mar 2005 The Millennium Ecosystems Report is launched. 29th Mar 2023
Brundtland Report  
Fri 20th Mar 1987 The "sustainable development" Brundtland Report was released 19th Mar 2023
2 Events
Wed 19th May 1993 President Clinton begins to lose the BTU battle... 18th May 2023
Tue 8th Jun 1993 Clinton defeated on his "BTU" tax. 7th Jun 2023
BTU Tax  
2 Events
Wed 17th Feb 1993 President Clinton proposes an Energy Tax. 16th Feb 2023
Wed 21st Apr 1993 Bill Clinton says US will tackle carbon emissions. 20th Apr 2023
Tue 8th Jan 2013 Australian Prime Minister connects bush fires and #climate change 7th Jan 2023
Business Responses  
12 Events
Mon 27th Feb 1989 Barron's "Climate of Fear" shame... 26th Feb 2024
Mon 9th Apr 1990 Australian business launches "we're green!" campaign 8th Apr 2023
Mon 12th Apr 1993 "environmental economics" gets a puff piece 11th Apr 2023
Tue 31st Mar 1998 two business-friendly climate events in UK and Australia 30th Mar 2023
Sun 26th Apr 1998 "Industrial Group Plans to Battle Climate Treaty" 25th Apr 2023
Tue 20th Jun 2000 Australian business writes the rules. 19th Jun 2023
Fri 15th Mar 2002 GM bails from Global Climate Coalition 14th Mar 2024
Wed 11th Jun 2003 US and Australian think tanks conspire vs (pluralist) democracy 10th Jun 2023
Fri 27th Apr 2007 Coal-bashing campaign by gas company ends 26th Apr 2023
Fri 29th Aug 2008 business tells Labor to go softly (Labor then does, obvs). 28th Aug 2023
Thu 20th Nov 2008 Green capitalism flexes a (weak) BICEP 19th Nov 2023
Wed 10th Apr 2013 US companies pretend they care, make "Climate Declaration" 9th Apr 2023
Byrd-Hagel Resolution  
Fri 25th Jul 1997 US says, in effect, "screw our promises, screw the planet" 25th Jul 2022
Captain Planet  
2 Events
Wed 15th Sep 1982 "Environmental Justice" is born. And so is Captain Planet... 14th Sep 2022
Sat 15th Sep 1990 "Environmental Justice" is born. And so is Captain Planet - Redux... 14th Sep 2022
Carbon Bubbles  
Fri 15th Feb 2013 the carbon bubble, will it burst? 14th Feb 2023
Carbon Capture and Storage  
29 Events
Mon 29th Mar 1993 C02 Disposal symposium takes place in Oxford 28th Mar 2023
Fri 26th Oct 2001 BioEnergy Carbon Capture and Storage mooted 25th Oct 2023
Tue 25th Jun 2002 CCS's first hype cycle builds 25th Jun 2022
Tue 17th Sep 2002 UK Government announces feasibility study into Carbon Capture and Storage 16th Sep 2022
Thu 5th Dec 2002 Australian Government CCS support begins... 4th Dec 2022
Wed 8th Jan 2003 Energy firms plan to "bury carbon emissions"... 7th Jan 2023
Wed 19th Feb 2003 "CCS to be studied by IPCC" 18th Feb 2023
Wed 25th Jun 2003 CCS's first hype cycle builds 25th Jun 2022
Wed 25th Jun 2003 the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum is created 24th Jun 2023
Tue 17th Feb 2004 Zero Emissions Technology Conference in Australia. At peak excitement of tech solutions 16th Feb 2024
Wed 24th Mar 2004 Launch of Coal21 National Plan 23rd Mar 2024
Thu 6th Oct 2005 carbon capture is doable... 5th Oct 2022
Mon 5th Dec 2005 CCS is our only hope, says Chief Scientist.... 5th Dec 2023
Thu 2nd Nov 2006 "RIP C02" says New Scientist 1st Nov 2023
Fri 9th Feb 2007 Virgin on the ridiculous 8th Feb 2024
Sun 25th Feb 2007 "Clean Coal Initiative" as move in game of one-dimensional electoral chess #auspol 25th Feb 2022
Mon 26th Mar 2007 Lavoisier Group lay into CCS 25th Mar 2024
Tue 22nd May 2007 "Clean coal" power station by2014, honest... 22nd May 2022
Mon 19th Nov 2007 Gordon Brown announces first Carbon Capture and Storage competition at WWF event 15th Nov 2022
Thu 20th Dec 2007 UK opposition leader David Cameron gives clean coal speech in Beijing... 19th Dec 2022
Wed 16th Apr 2008 Aussie trades unions, greenies, companies tried to get CCS 'moving.' 15th Apr 2023
Wed 25th Jun 2008 CCS's first hype cycle builds 25th Jun 2022
Mon 1st Dec 2008 Climate Change Committee fanboys carbon capture 30th Nov 2023
Wed 17th Dec 2008 European Parliament says yes to funding CCS 16th Dec 2023
Wed 30th Jun 2010 CCS will be at 5GW by 2020. (nope). 29th Jun 2023
Sun 19th Dec 2010 CCS dies in Queensland 18th Dec 2023
Wed 2nd May 2012 CCS is gonna save us all. Oh yes. 2nd May 2022
Fri 20th Sep 2013 CCS project mothballed/killed. 19th Sep 2023
Tue 4th Feb 2014 CCSA and TUC release Economic Benefits of CCS report 3rd Feb 2024
Carbon Cops  
Thu 21st Jun 2007 ABC unleashes "Carbon Cops" on the world. ACAB - All Climate Activists Barf... 20th Jun 2022
Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme  
Sat 9th May 2009 Another white flag goes up on the "Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme" 9th May 2022
Carbon Pricing  
33 Events
Mon 4th Dec 1989 Greenhouse tax urged... 3rd Dec 2023
Thu 1st Feb 1990 Australian Financial Review ponders carbon tax... (via FT) 31st Jan 2024
Wed 25th Sep 1991 European Commission proposes a carbon tax... 24th Sep 2022
Sat 17th Apr 1993 Paul Keating versus the idea of a carbon tax... 16th Apr 2023
Thu 22nd Apr 1993 Clinton's announcement by anti-carbon pricing Aussies 21st Apr 2023
Wed 28th Apr 1993 Australia to monitor carbon tax experience 27th Apr 2023
Wed 19th May 1993 President Clinton begins to lose the BTU battle... 18th May 2023
Thu 25th Nov 1993 House of Commons briefing on carbon taxes 24th Nov 2023
Wed 2nd Mar 1994 A green budget needed in Australia... 1st Mar 2024
Wed 16th Nov 1994 Industry lobbyists trot out "sky will fall" argument against emissions cuts. Again. Of course. As ever. 15th Nov 2022
Fri 6th Jan 1995 Australian business interests battle a carbon tax with "nobody else is acting" argument 5th Jan 2023
Thu 12th Jan 1995 Australian carbon tax coming?? 11th Jan 2024
Mon 6th Feb 1995 Australian business versus a carbon tax 5th Feb 2023
Tue 7th Feb 1995 Business Council of Australia vs a carbon tax. Of course 6th Feb 2024
Fri 10th Feb 1995 Faulkner folds on carbon tax - doesn't have the numbers in Cabinet 9th Feb 2024
Thu 21st May 1998 "Emissions Trading: Harnessing the Power of the Market" 20th May 2023
Sat 27th Jun 1998 we'll trade our way outa trouble (not) 26th Jun 2023
Mon 17th Aug 1998 Emissions Trading considered (again) 16th Aug 2023
Tue 1st Sep 1998 Sydney Futures Exchange foresees a bright future. Ooops. 1st Sep 2023
Fri 19th Mar 1999 industry cautiously welcoming emissions trading... 18th Mar 2023
Mon 4th Sep 2000 industry says sky will fall if there's a carbon tax 3rd Sep 2023
Wed 6th Sep 2000 Emission scheme defeated, it's time for a gloating press release... #Climate #auspol 5th Sep 2022
Thu 9th Aug 2001 OECD calls on Australia to introduce a carbon tax. Told to... go away... 8th Aug 2022
Thu 16th Jan 2003 Chicago Climate Exchange names founding members 15th Jan 2023
Tue 6th Feb 2007 Rudd taunts Howard on 2003 ETS decision 5th Feb 2024
Mon 5th Mar 2007 Nick Minchin versus reality, again 4th Mar 2024
Wed 14th Mar 2007 Australian Treasury eyeroll about politicians on #climate, (scoop by Laura Tingle). 13th Mar 2024
Mon 10th Sep 2007 shiny #climate promises versus grim reality 9th Sep 2022
Mon 23rd Feb 2009 Penny Wong flubs the CSPR... The CPSR.. THE PCRS. Oh, hell. #auspol 23rd Feb 2022
Mon 9th Mar 2009 Carbon price being weakened by lobbying... 8th Mar 2024
Sat 5th Mar 2011 Australian "wingnuts are coming out of the woodwork" 4th Mar 2023
Mon 22nd Aug 2011 anti-carbon pricing rally flops 15th Aug 2023
Fri 15th Feb 2013 the carbon bubble, will it burst? 14th Feb 2023
Carbonic Acid  
Wed 11th Dec 1895 Arrhenius reads his "Influence of Carbonic Acid in the Air" paper to Swedish Academy of Science... 10th Dec 2022
Tue 3rd Feb 2015 UK tries to puzzle out industrial decarbonisation 2nd Feb 2023
Mon 19th Jan 1976 The carbon consequences of cement get an early discussion. 18th Jan 2023

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