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Kyoto Protocol  
2 Events
Fri 3rd Nov 2000 Australian denialists get American scientist to testify about Kyoto Protocol, smear IPCC 2nd Nov 2022
Wed 14th Aug 2002 Australian economists urge Kyoto Protocol ratification 13th Aug 2023
Langkawi Declaration  
Sat 21st Oct 1989 Langkawi Declaration on environmental sustainability... 20th Oct 2022
Larsen B  
Thu 31st Jan 2002 Antarctic ice shelf "Larsen B" begins to break up. 30th Jan 2023
Lavoisier Group  
5 Events
Wed 24th May 2000 Australian denialist nutjobs have nutjob jamboree 23rd May 2023
Tue 27th Jun 2000 crazy but well-connected #climate denialists schmooze politicians 26th Jun 2022
Thu 28th Sep 2000 Liberal MP goes full cooker on Kyoto as threat to sovereignty. 27th Sep 2023
Fri 3rd Nov 2000 Australian denialists get American scientist to testify about Kyoto Protocol, smear IPCC 2nd Nov 2022
Mon 26th Mar 2007 Lavoisier Group lay into CCS 25th Mar 2024
Thu 24th Aug 1989 a Sydney council takes greenhouse suggestions on-board (or says it will). 23rd Aug 2023
Thu 7th Aug 2003 John Howard meets with business buddies to kill climate action 6th Aug 2023
Losing Earth  
Tue 9th Apr 2019 brutal book review "a script for a West Wing episode about climate change, only with less repartee." " 9th Apr 2022
Lucky Dragon  
Mon 1st Mar 1954 Lucky Dragon incident gives the world the word "fall out" 28th Feb 2023
Male Declaration  
Sat 18th Nov 1989 Small Island States say "er, we gotta do something before the waves close over our heads" 17th Nov 2022
4 Events
Sun 28th Oct 1906 the birth of the Press Release 27th Oct 2023
Mon 13th Sep 1976 US news broadcast on ozone and climate. 12th Sep 2023
Wed 7th Mar 2001 CNN unintentionally reveals deep societal norms around democracy 6th Mar 2023
Wed 10th Mar 2010 ABC chairman gives stupid speech to staff 9th Mar 2023
Mon 7th Aug 1995 decent Australian journo reports on utter bullshit #climate economic "modelling" 6th Aug 2022
Melbourne Age  
Wed 16th Apr 1980 Melbourne Age reports "world ecology endangered" 15th Apr 2023
Merchants of Doubt  
2 Events
Fri 21st Oct 1983 "Changing Climate" report released 20th Oct 2023
Sat 28th Jul 1990 American #climate denial comes to London 27th Jul 2022
Midnight Oil  
3 Events
Wed 30th May 1990 Midnight Oil do a gig outside Exxon's HQ in New York 30th May 2022
Mon 2nd Sep 2002 Peter Garrett argues "community action" vs #climate change 1st Sep 2022
Sun 25th Feb 2007 "Clean Coal Initiative" as move in game of one-dimensional electoral chess #auspol 25th Feb 2022
Monday Conference  
Mon 21st Aug 1972 Nature editor John Maddox says C02-temperature fear "found wanting" 20th Aug 2022
Fri 20th Sep 2013 CCS project mothballed/killed. 19th Sep 2023
Mostafa Tolba  
2 Events
Fri 14th Oct 1977 a UNESCO education conference mentions climate change... 13th Oct 2023
Wed 9th Nov 1988 Tolba gives "Warming Warning" speech at first IPCC meeting 8th Nov 2023
Mon 12th Feb 1968 The Motherfuckers do their motherfucking thing, with garbage in New York. 11th Feb 2023
Mon 17th Jul 2006 Australian Prime Minister shits on renewables, blah blah "realistic" 16th Jul 2022
Thu 5th Aug 2010 academics call for insurance industry to get involved in climate fight 4th Aug 2023
Mon 20th Apr 1998 National Academy of Sciences vs Oregon petition fraud 19th Apr 2023
National Greeenouse Response Strategy  
Thu 5th Nov 1992 Jeremy Leggett calls Australian petrol price cuts "insane" 4th Nov 2022
6 Events
Sat 18th Jan 1964 Nature mentions atmospheric carbon dioxide build-up 17th Jan 2024
Fri 19th Feb 1971 Nature editorial on "The Great Greenhouse Scare" 18th Feb 2024
Fri 1st Sep 1972 "Man-Made Carbon Dioxide and the "Greenhouse Effect" published in Nature 31st Aug 2022
Fri 5th Jan 1973 An academic article about the Arctic emerges from the Met Office 4th Jan 2023
Wed 1st Dec 1976 Met Office boss still saying carbon dioxide build-up a non-issue 30th Nov 2022
Thu 9th Jul 1987 "Unpleasant surprises in the greenhouse" warns Broecker 8th Jul 2023
Thu 11th Feb 1993 Liberal Party plans would not meet climate goals, says expert 10th Feb 2023
Nottingham Declaration  
Wed 25th Oct 2000 local authorities in England make #climate promises. Well, that went well... #NottinghamDeclaration 24th Oct 2022

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