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Thu 11th Feb 1993 Liberal Party plans would not meet climate goals, says expert 10th Feb 2023
First Dog on the Moon  
Mon 7th Sep 1936 The Anthropocene does for the Thylacine... 6th Sep 2022
First Oil Shock  
Mon 9th Dec 1974 UK Department of Energy launches "energy efficiency" programme 8th Dec 2022
Sun 15th Aug 2010 Russia halts grain exports because of droughts and heatwaves 14th Aug 2022
Fossil fuels  
10 Events
Sat 27th Aug 1859 The Oil Age begins 26th Aug 2022
Fri 15th Jul 1977 "Heavy Use of Coal May Bring Adverse Shit in Climate" 14th Jul 2023
Tue 6th Jun 1978 Exxon presentation about carbon dioxide build-up 5th Jun 2023
Tue 11th Dec 1979 conference on "Environmental Effects of utilising more coal" in London 10th Dec 2023
Wed 3rd Apr 1991 Does coal have a future? 3rd Apr 2022
Thu 27th Feb 2003 the "FutureGen" farce begins... 27th Feb 2022
Sun 3rd Oct 2004 John Howard revealed to have asked for fossil fuel CEOs to kill renewables. #auspol 2nd Oct 2022
Wed 18th Jun 2008 Carbon Capture and Storage is going to save Australia. Oh yes. 17th Jun 2022
Thu 13th Nov 2008 Coal industry tries to get some 'love' 12th Nov 2022
Wed 26th Feb 2014 Advanced Propaganda for Morons 26th Feb 2022
Sun 20th Mar 1768 Joseph Fourier born 20th Mar 2023
Fraser institute  
Tue 19th Aug 1997 "The denialists take Canberra" with "Countdown to Kyoto" conference 18th Aug 2022
Freedom of Information Act  
Mon 4th Aug 2008 Police pepper spray #climate campers 4th Aug 2022
Frontiers of Freedom  
Tue 14th May 2002 well-connected denialists gather in Washington DC to spout #climate nonsense 14th May 2022
Thu 27th Feb 2003 the "FutureGen" farce begins... 27th Feb 2022
Gaia Hypothesis  
Mon 7th Mar 1988 "We are ratcheting ourselves to a new warmer climate" 6th Mar 2023
2 Events
Thu 17th Aug 1989 Space shields to save the earth... 16th Aug 2023
Sun 20th May 1990 "Ironing out the Greenhouse Effect" 20th May 2022
Global 2000  
3 Events
Mon 23rd May 1977 President Carter announces Global 2000 report... or "Let's all meet up in the Global2000" 23rd May 2022
Thu 24th Jul 1980 "Global 2000" report released. 23rd Jul 2023
Mon 4th Jan 1982 Global 2000 Report updated 3rd Jan 2024
Thu 11th Jul 2013 "don't be evil" my fat arse.... 10th Jul 2023
Green Blob  
Sun 20th Jul 2014 the "Green Blob" blamed 19th Jul 2023
Green Jobs  
2 Events
Mon 18th Jan 1993 Australian unions and greenies launch first "Green Jobs" campaign 17th Jan 2023
Thu 22nd Mar 2007 Unions talk good game on climate 21st Mar 2024
Green Week  
Tue 15th Aug 1989 Queenslander mayor says the greenhouse effect is like"a bird urinating in the Tweed River while in flight" 14th Aug 2022
Greenhouse Conspiracy  
Sat 9th Nov 1991 Australian TV station SBS shows demented '"Greenhouse Conspiracy" 'documentary' 8th Nov 2022
Greenhouse Mafia  
2 Events
Mon 13th Feb 2006 Four Corners reveals the "Greenhouse Mafia" 12th Feb 2024
Mon 2nd Jul 2007 Australia learns it has been left "High & Dry" on #climate change 1st Jul 2022
Greenhouse Project  
Thu 17th Sep 1987 report on "The Greenhouse Project" launch 16th Sep 2023
Wed 7th Sep 2005 "rule out nuclear" say Aussie green outfits. 6th Sep 2023
4 Events
Mon 9th Apr 1990 Australian business launches "we're green!" campaign 8th Apr 2023
Thu 20th Apr 2006 David Cameron does "hug-a-husky" to detoxify the Conservative brand 20th Apr 2022
Sat 12th Jan 2008 Australian mining lobby group ups its "sustainability" rhetoric #PerceptionManagement #Propaganda 11th Jan 2023
Wed 26th Feb 2014 Advanced Propaganda for Morons 26th Feb 2022
Fri 30th Mar 2007 Climate as "the great moral challenge of our generation" #auspol 30th Mar 2022
Gro Harlem Brundtland  
Mon 27th Apr 1987 "Our Common Future" released. 27th Apr 2022
Guest post  
4 Events
Tue 11th May 1971 U Thant gets The Message 10th May 2023
Thu 14th Jun 1979 the messy inclusion of climate change in energy politics 14th Jun 2022
Wed 18th Jul 2012 Climate Justice poem - "Tell Them" by Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner - hits the internet 17th Jul 2022
Sat 17th Nov 2018 Guest post - 5 years on from the 1.5 degrees report and the coming of XR 17th Nov 2023

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