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3 Events
Sat 18th Jan 1964 Nature mentions atmospheric carbon dioxide build-up 17th Jan 2024
Sat 4th Apr 1964 President Johnson's Domestic Council on climate... 3rd Apr 2023
Tue 14th Apr 1964 RIP Rachel Carson 13th Apr 2023
Thu 15th Apr 1965 Murray Bookchin warns about carbon dioxide build-up 14th Apr 2023
3 Events
Sun 20th Feb 1966 US Senators told about carbon build-up by physicist 19th Feb 2023
Tue 8th Mar 1966 Spaceship Earth blasts off... 7th Mar 2024
Sun 27th Mar 1966 The "Conservation Society" to be launched 26th Mar 2023
8 Events
Tue 24th Jan 1967 Senior British scientist says "by no means can (C02) report be dismissed as science fiction"... 23rd Jan 2024
Fri 27th Jan 1967 James Lovelock told to keep schtum about climate change by Shell science boss 26th Jan 2024
Tue 14th Feb 1967 John Mason (Met Office boss) dismisses carbon dioxide problem 13th Feb 2024
Mon 20th Mar 1967 Solar Energy advocate warns of carbon dioxide build-up 19th Mar 2024
Wed 26th Jul 1967 Allen Ginsberg tells Gary Snyder it's "a general lemming situation" 25th Jul 2023
Fri 27th Oct 1967 "the Swedish environmental turn" picks up speed 26th Oct 2023
Thu 7th Dec 1967 Swedish "Monitor" program talks environmental crisis 6th Dec 2023
Wed 13th Dec 1967 Sweden begins to save the world... 12th Dec 2022
14 Events
Mon 8th Jan 1968 LaMont Cole to AAAS about running outta oxygen, build-up of C02 etc 7th Jan 2024
Sun 21st Jan 1968 Ultima Fule on Ultima Thule 20th Jan 2024
Mon 12th Feb 1968 The Motherfuckers do their motherfucking thing, with garbage in New York. 11th Feb 2023
Sun 31st Mar 1968 Can the world be saved? 30th Mar 2024
Sat 13th Apr 1968 the New Yorker glosses air pollution, mentions carbon dioxide 12th Apr 2023
Mon 15th Jul 1968 first(?) UK government attention to the possibility of climate change 14th Jul 2023
Fri 19th Jul 1968 "man has already rendered the temperature equilibrium of the globe more unstable." 18th Jul 2023
Tue 30th Jul 1968 the UN says yes to an environment conference 29th Jul 2023
Mon 19th Aug 1968 Is Man Spoiling the Weather? (yes) 18th Aug 2023
Sun 17th Nov 1968 UK national newspaper flags carbon dioxide danger... 16th Nov 2022
Sat 23rd Nov 1968 "Hell upon Earth" warning about environmental destruction,inc. climate... 22nd Nov 2022
Tue 3rd Dec 1968 UN General Assembly says yes to a conference about environment. C02 mentioned. 2nd Dec 2023
Tue 24th Dec 1968 "Earthrise" photo 23rd Dec 2022
Thu 26th Dec 1968 "Global Effects of Environmental Pollution" symposium 25th Dec 2023
8 Events
Tue 28th Jan 1969 Santa Barbara Oil spill 27th Jan 2024
Tue 11th Mar 1969 NASA explains need to monitor C02 build-up to politicians 10th Mar 2023
Fri 25th Apr 1969 Keeling says pressured not to talk bluntly about "what is to be done?" 24th Apr 2023
Tue 10th Jun 1969 pro-nukers mention carbon dioxide in a New York Times article 9th Jun 2023
Wed 22nd Oct 1969 Edmund Muskie mentions CO2 build up 22nd Oct 2023
Wed 5th Nov 1969 House of Lords question about the greenhouse effect 4th Nov 2023
Thu 27th Nov 1969 Canberra Times runs pollution article, mentions melting ice-caps 26th Nov 2023
Mon 29th Dec 1969 AAAS symposium on "Climate and Man" 28th Dec 2023
14 Events
Thu 1st Jan 1970 Yale biologist muses on science, politics, pollution, warming. 2nd Jan 2024
Wed 7th Jan 1970 "Ecology Action East" is "intersectional" 6th Jan 2024
Sun 11th Jan 1970 A new Ice Age on its way? 10th Jan 2024
Sat 17th Jan 1970 The Bulletin reprints crucial environment/climate article 16th Jan 2024
Mon 26th Jan 1970 British PM offers US a "new special relationship" on pollution. (Conservative then tries to outflank him.) 25th Jan 2024
Mon 26th Jan 1970 US science bureaucrat writes "what's going on?" memo about #climate 25th Jan 2023
Mon 2nd Feb 1970 For once, "Time is on our side" 2nd Feb 2022
Mon 16th Feb 1970 Sports Illustrated readers appreciate eco-warning 15th Feb 2024
Wed 4th Mar 1970 American scientist vs ice age fears in Melbourne 3rd Mar 2024
Wed 8th Apr 1970 Australian National University students told about C02 build-up... 7th Apr 2023
Thu 23rd Apr 1970 book review nails coming #climate problems... 22nd Apr 2023
Mon 22nd Jun 1970 US Congressman talks about 'the Imperilled Environment,' including C02 build-up 21st Jun 2023
Sun 2nd Aug 1970 LA Times runs #climate change front page story 1st Aug 2023
Fri 18th Dec 1970 Science article about "Man-Made Climatic Changes" 17th Dec 2022
10 Events
Fri 19th Feb 1971 Nature editorial on "The Great Greenhouse Scare" 18th Feb 2024
Wed 24th Feb 1971 aims of the Department of the Environment 23rd Feb 2024
Sat 13th Mar 1971 Club of Rome guy's ethics are clubbed 12th Mar 2024
Thu 18th Mar 1971 "Weather modification took a macro-pathological turn" 17th Mar 2024
Mon 5th Apr 1971 a UK scientist explains "pollution in context" 4th Apr 2023
Mon 23rd Aug 1971 nuggets of ecological wisdom from Nugget Coombs. 22nd Aug 2023
Mon 23rd Aug 1971 the Powell Memorandum 22nd Aug 2023
Wed 22nd Sep 1971 Australian communist talks about climate change 21st Sep 2023
Fri 8th Oct 1971 Lord Kennet pushes back against Nature's "John Maddox" on the greenhouse effect. 7th Oct 2023
Fri 15th Oct 1971 "Man's Impact on the Climate" published 14th Oct 2023
4 Events
Mon 21st Feb 1972 Horizon and the backlash against "selling doomsday" 20th Feb 2024
Wed 17th May 1972 New York Times reports carbon dioxide build-up worries... 16th May 2023
Thu 2nd Nov 1972 "Eco-pornography ... Advertising owns Ecology"... 1st Nov 2023
Sun 3rd Dec 1972 #climate scientists write "gizza grant" letter to President Nixon 2nd Dec 2022
14 Events
Fri 5th Jan 1973 An academic article about the Arctic emerges from the Met Office 4th Jan 2023
Thu 8th Feb 1973 American ecologist explains carbon build-up to politicians 7th Feb 2023
Sat 31st Mar 1973 Protest in Piccadilly Circus 30th Mar 2024
Thu 19th Apr 1973 first film to mention global warming released (Soylent Green) 18th Apr 2023
Sat 5th May 1973 Miners advertise for a greenie to join them 5th May 2023
Fri 8th Jun 1973 Australian Treasury forced to acknowledge carbon dioxide... 7th Jun 2023
Thu 14th Jun 1973 Education for the Future? Meh. 13th Jun 2023
Sun 26th Aug 1973 Sir Kingsley Dunham points out the C02problem 25th Aug 2023
Mon 10th Sep 1973 Ozone concerns on display in Kyoto... 9th Sep 2023
Tue 11th Sep 1973 CIA coup topples Chilean democracy 10th Sep 2023
Wed 17th Oct 1973 the coup at the Australian Conservation Foundation 16th Oct 2023
Wed 7th Nov 1973 Energy security avant la Ukraine: Nixon announces "Project Independence" 6th Nov 2022
Thu 29th Nov 1973 Australian politician warns of climate change 28th Nov 2022
Thu 13th Dec 1973 Edward Heath announces Three Day Week 12th Dec 2023
7 Events
Wed 9th Jan 1974 The UK sets up a "Department of Energy" 8th Jan 2023
Sat 23rd Feb 1974 CSIRO Solar energy conference 22nd Feb 2024
Tue 12th Mar 1974 Clean Coal advert in the Wall Street Journal 11th Mar 2024
Mon 15th Apr 1974 war criminal Henry Kissinger gives climate danger speech 14th Apr 2023
Wed 20th Nov 1974 BBC airs "The Weather Machine" 19th Nov 2022
Fri 29th Nov 1974 Swedish Prime Minister says "risk of a changed climate due to human activities ... [is] of utter importance" 28th Nov 2022
Mon 9th Dec 1974 UK Department of Energy launches "energy efficiency" programme 8th Dec 2022
6 Events
Mon 18th Aug 1975 it's gonna get hotter, not cooler, say scientists 17th Aug 2023
Sat 30th Aug 1975 The Science Show does climate change... 29th Aug 2023
Sat 1st Nov 1975 Stephen Schneider tries to clear up the "Carbon Dioxide Climate Confusion." 1st Nov 2022
Thu 13th Nov 1975 climate testimony to House of Reps committee 12th Nov 2023
Thu 11th Dec 1975 German scientist gives stark climatewarning in Melbourne 10th Dec 2022
Mon 22nd Dec 1975 "Scientist Warns of Great Floods if Earth's Heat Rises" (surely "when"?) 21st Dec 2022
7 Events
Mon 19th Jan 1976 The carbon consequences of cement get an early discussion. 18th Jan 2023
Wed 17th Mar 1976 UK Weather boss dismisses climate change as "grossly exaggerated" 16th Mar 2023
Mon 13th Sep 1976 US news broadcast on ozone and climate. 12th Sep 2023
Tue 12th Oct 1976 Jule Charney throws (private) shade on fellow climatologists... 11th Oct 2022
Sun 28th Nov 1976 climate modelling workshop in USA 27th Nov 2023
Wed 1st Dec 1976 Met Office boss still saying carbon dioxide build-up a non-issue 30th Nov 2022
Thu 30th Dec 1976 President Jimmy Carter is lobbied about #climate change 29th Dec 2022
8 Events
Tue 4th Jan 1977 US politician introduces #climate research legislation 3rd Jan 2023
Wed 23rd Feb 1977 UK Chief Scientific Advisor worries about carbon dioxide build-up. 22nd Feb 2023
Fri 15th Jul 1977 "Heavy Use of Coal May Bring Adverse Shit in Climate" 14th Jul 2023
Wed 27th Jul 1977 Pro-nuclear professor cites #climate concerns at Adelaide speech 26th Jul 2023
Mon 10th Oct 1977 famous scientist Solly Zuckerman writes to top UK Civil Servant, warning about climate change 9th Oct 2022
Fri 14th Oct 1977 a UNESCO education conference mentions climate change... 13th Oct 2023
Mon 14th Nov 1977 Met Office boss forced to think about #climate change - first interdepartmental meeting... 13th Nov 2022
Mon 12th Dec 1977 UK Government launches energy efficiency scheme, because Jimmy Carter had visited... 11th Dec 2022
13 Events
Wed 1st Feb 1978 US TV show MacNeill Lehrer hosts discussion about climate change 31st Jan 2023
Tue 21st Feb 1978 "Carbon dioxide, climate and society" workshop 20th Feb 2023
Wed 3rd May 1978 First and last "Sun Day" 2nd May 2023
Tue 6th Jun 1978 Exxon presentation about carbon dioxide build-up 5th Jun 2023
Wed 12th Jul 1978 US Climate Research Board meeting 12th Jul 2023
Wed 4th Oct 1978 the Interdepartmental group on Climatology meets for the first time... 3rd Oct 2023
Sun 8th Oct 1978 The Times runs an "ice caps melting" story 7th Oct 2023
Fri 24th Nov 1978 Canberra Times reports "all coal" plan would "flood US cities" 23rd Nov 2022
Mon 27th Nov 1978 "Impacts of climate on Australian Society and Economy" begins... 26th Nov 2022
Thu 30th Nov 1978 House of Lords debate on Atmospheric Changes... 29th Nov 2022
Sun 10th Dec 1978 Academic workshop on "Climate/Society Interface" begins in Toronto... 9th Dec 2022
Fri 22nd Dec 1978 UK Energy Department chief scientist worries about CO2 levels and pressure to reduce them... 21st Dec 2022
Thu 28th Dec 1978 fly the plane. Don't keep tapping the fuel light. 27th Dec 2023
8 Events
Wed 31st Jan 1979 Alvin Weinberg's "nukes to fix climate change" speech reported 30th Jan 2024
Wed 7th Feb 1979 Met Office boss bullshits about his carbon dioxide stance 6th Feb 2023
Thu 29th Mar 1979 Health impacts of carbon dioxide discussed... 28th Mar 2024
Fri 27th Apr 1979 Ecology Party first TV broadcast ahead 26th Apr 2023
Fri 29th Jun 1979 Thatcher uses carbon dioxide build-up to shill for nuclear power 28th Jun 2023
Fri 27th Jul 1979 Thatcher's Cabinet ponders burying climate report 26th Jul 2023
Tue 9th Oct 1979 Hermann Flohn warns Irish consequence of "possible consequences of a man-made warming" 8th Oct 2022
Tue 11th Dec 1979 conference on "Environmental Effects of utilising more coal" in London 10th Dec 2023
11 Events
Mon 4th Feb 1980 IIASA taskforce on Climate and Society 3rd Feb 2024
Mon 11th Feb 1980 First UK Government climate report released. 10th Feb 2023
Fri 29th Feb 1980 Texaco and Exxon talk about setting up a greenhouse taskforce... 28th Feb 2024
Tue 8th Apr 1980 UK civil servant Crispin Tickell warns Times readers... 7th Apr 2023
Wed 16th Apr 1980 Melbourne Age reports "world ecology endangered" 15th Apr 2023
Thu 24th Apr 1980 the climate models are sound... 23rd Apr 2023
Thu 1st May 1980 ABC talks about atmospheric carbon dioxide measurement 30th Apr 2023
Thu 24th Jul 1980 "Global 2000" report released. 23rd Jul 2023
Fri 1st Aug 1980 Wall Street Journal does excellent #climate reporting 31st Jul 2023
Sat 25th Oct 1980 Australian radio's The Science Show talks about climate change... 24th Oct 2023
Mon 17th Nov 1980 International meeting about carbon dioxide build up. 16th Nov 2022
5 Events
Thu 1st Jan 1981 Climate Change And Society 31st Dec 2023
Thu 15th Jan 1981 US calls for effort to combat global environmental problems 14th Jan 2024
Wed 25th Feb 1981 National Party senator nails the climate problem 24th Feb 2023
Wed 2nd Dec 1981 "Is the world getting warmer?" (YES) 1st Dec 2023
Tue 8th Dec 1981 Thames TV shows "Warming Warning" documentary 7th Dec 2022
Mon 22nd Jul 1991 two #climate idiots on the Science Show 21st Jul 2023
3 Events
Mon 4th Jan 1982 Global 2000 Report updated 3rd Jan 2024
Thu 25th Mar 1982 congressional hearings and CBS Evening News report 24th Mar 2024
Tue 17th Aug 1982 Crispin Tickell sounds the alarm bell 16th Aug 2023
9 Events
Fri 13th May 1983 idiots get their retaliation in first... 12th May 2023
Fri 1st Jul 1983 Australian High Court "saves" Franklin River (it woz the activists wot won it) 30th Jun 2023
Tue 18th Oct 1983 All US news networks run "greenhouse effect" stories 17th Oct 2023
Thu 20th Oct 1983 The Australian says "'Dire consequences' in global warm-up". 19th Oct 2023
Fri 21st Oct 1983 "Changing Climate" report released 20th Oct 2023
Mon 24th Oct 1983 EPA releases study on sea-level rise 23rd Oct 2023
Sun 30th Oct 1983 Carl Sagan hosts 'nuking ourselves would be bad' conference. 29th Oct 2023
Tue 15th Nov 1983 "Energy Futures and Carbon Dioxide" report... 14th Nov 2023
Tue 20th Dec 1983 Documentary on "the Climate Crisis" shown 19th Dec 2023
4 Events
Tue 3rd Jan 1984 US report on energy transition to combat climate released. 2nd Jan 2023
Tue 28th Feb 1984 Carbon Dioxide and the Greenhouse Effect hearings 27th Feb 2024
Thu 7th Jun 1984 UK diplomat pushes for more environmental action 6th Jun 2023
Thu 13th Dec 1984 Christian Science Monitor monitors the #climate science - ooops. 12th Dec 2022
2 Events
Wed 10th Jul 1985 French state commits terrorist act 9th Jul 2023
Tue 10th Dec 1985 Carl Sagan testified to US Senators on #climate danger 9th Dec 2022
3 Events
Mon 27th Jan 1986 Engineers try to stop NASA launching the (doomed) Challenger Space Shuttle 26th Jan 2023
Mon 2nd Jun 1986 US Senators get going on climate 1st Jun 2023
Thu 26th Jun 1986 "our children will grow old in a world that fragmenting and disintegrating." 25th Jun 2023
3 Events
Fri 20th Mar 1987 The "sustainable development" Brundtland Report was released 19th Mar 2023
Thu 9th Jul 1987 "Unpleasant surprises in the greenhouse" warns Broecker 8th Jul 2023
Thu 17th Sep 1987 report on "The Greenhouse Project" launch 16th Sep 2023

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