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20 Events
Tue 8th Jan 2013 Australian Prime Minister connects bush fires and #climate change 7th Jan 2023
Fri 15th Feb 2013 the carbon bubble, will it burst? 14th Feb 2023
Sun 17th Feb 2013 celebrities arrested at Whitehouse, protesting Keystone XL 16th Feb 2023
Fri 22nd Feb 2013 Idiotic "Damage" astroturf attempted by miners 21st Feb 2023
Mon 25th Mar 2013 Australian Department of Climate Change axed 24th Mar 2023
Mon 8th Apr 2013 Margaret Thatcher died 7th Apr 2023
Wed 10th Apr 2013 US companies pretend they care, make "Climate Declaration" 9th Apr 2023
Thu 18th Apr 2013 Liberal Party bullshit about "soil carbon" revealed to be bullshit 17th Apr 2023
Tue 18th Jun 2013 Feeble 'Wind Fraud' rally in Canberra 17th Jun 2023
Thu 11th Jul 2013 "don't be evil" my fat arse.... 10th Jul 2023
Sat 13th Jul 2013 future Australian PM ridiculed for #climate idiocy 12th Jul 2023
Mon 29th Jul 2013 unreadable denialist screed published. 28th Jul 2023
Fri 9th Aug 2013 BP writes the rules (de facto) 8th Aug 2023
Sun 25th Aug 2013 The IPA loses support, for being stupid climate deniers. 24th Aug 2023
Tue 27th Aug 2013 absurd claim of Nobel-prize winners' support for Liberal non-policy is debunked. 26th Aug 2023
Fri 20th Sep 2013 CCS project mothballed/killed. 19th Sep 2023
Mon 23rd Sep 2013 Media Watch versus climate denialists ... 22nd Sep 2023
Fri 8th Nov 2013 "One religion is enough" says John Howard 7th Nov 2023
Thu 14th Nov 2013 Senator Sheldon Whitehouse's 50th #climate speech 13th Nov 2023
Thu 21st Nov 2013 "Cut the Green Crap" said UK Prime Minister 20th Nov 2023
4 Events
Mon 20th Jan 2014 Gummer sledges "green extremists" 19th Jan 2024
Tue 4th Feb 2014 CCSA and TUC release Economic Benefits of CCS report 3rd Feb 2024
Sun 20th Jul 2014 the "Green Blob" blamed 19th Jul 2023
Sun 21st Sep 2014 big #climate march in New York. World saved. 20th Sep 2022
4 Events
Tue 3rd Feb 2015 UK tries to puzzle out industrial decarbonisation 2nd Feb 2023
Sat 14th Feb 2015 No love for coal from UK politicians 13th Feb 2023
Fri 8th May 2015 denialist denies in delusional denialist newspaper 7th May 2023
Wed 16th Sep 2015 Turns out big companies are 'climate hypocrites'? 15th Sep 2023
Mon 9th May 2016 South Australia's last coal-plant shuts down 8th May 2023
3 Events
Mon 20th Feb 2017 "Clean Coal" money being spent on PR 19th Feb 2024
Tue 28th Mar 2017 Heartland Institute spamming science teachers 27th Mar 2023
Tue 28th Mar 2017 Trump "brings back coal" 27th Mar 2024
3 Events
Mon 20th Aug 2018 Greta Thunberg's first protest 19th Aug 2023
Wed 31st Oct 2018 Extinction Rebellion makes its declaration of rebellion 31st Oct 2023
Sat 17th Nov 2018 XR occupy five bridges in London 16th Nov 2023
2 Events
Wed 13th Jan 2021 New Scientist reports on types of intelligence required to deal with #climate change 12th Jan 2023
Tue 16th Nov 2021 Chancellor cuddles up to oil bosses, of course. 15th Nov 2023

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