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Mon 7th Nov 2022 journalist covering JSO protest arrested 6th Nov 2023
Tue 10th Jan 2023 Labour launches a Climate and Environment Forum 9th Jan 2024
Sun 21st Jan 1968 Ultima Fule on Ultima Thule 20th Jan 2024
Letters to publications  
Fri 23rd Feb 2024 Whoop! Letter in the FT about climate change and baked in temperature rise 23rd Feb 2024
Sun 20th Mar 1768 Joseph Fourier born 20th Mar 2023
Tue 23rd Aug 1853 first International Meteorological Conference 22nd Aug 2023
Sat 23rd Aug 1856 Eunice Foote identifies carbon dioxide as greenhouse gas 23rd Aug 2022
Sat 27th Aug 1859 The Oil Age begins 26th Aug 2022
Sun 28th Oct 1906 the birth of the Press Release 27th Oct 2023
Wed 17th Jul 1912 Braidwood Dispatch and Mining Journal on climate change 16th Jul 2023
2 Events
Mon 19th Apr 1943 the Warsaw Ghetto uprising began. 18th Apr 2023
Fri 19th Nov 1943 FIDO used for the first time 17th Nov 2023
Tue 9th Sep 1947 The Daily Worker talks about melting the ice-caps 8th Sep 2023
2 Events
Tue 30th Mar 1948 The Conservation Foundation founded 29th Mar 2024
Wed 15th Sep 1948 Biologist Evelyn Hutchinson mentions carbon dioxide build-up at an AAAS symposium. 14th Sep 2023
3 Events
Wed 2nd Jul 1952 Rachel Carson says Arctic warming 1st Jul 2023
Fri 5th Dec 1952 London sees climatic pollution events 4th Dec 2023
Sat 5th Dec 2009 London sees climatic pollution events 4th Dec 2023
5 Events
Tue 5th May 1953 Gilbert Plass launches the carbon dioxide theory globally 5th May 2023
Mon 18th May 1953 Newsweek covers climate change. Yes, 1953. 17th May 2023
Sun 12th Jul 1953 "The Weather is Really Changing" says New York Times 11th Jul 2023
Wed 18th Nov 1953 Macmillan tells the truth about committees 17th Nov 2023
Sun 23rd Oct 1955 LA Times article says "our weather is changing" 22nd Oct 2023
4 Events
Mon 1st Mar 1954 Lucky Dragon incident gives the world the word "fall out" 28th Feb 2023
Tue 2nd Mar 1954 UK newspaper readers get Greenhouse lesson from Ritchie-Calder 1st Mar 2024
Fri 23rd Apr 1954 Irish Times runs carbon dioxide/climate story. Yes, 1954. 22nd Apr 2023
Fri 28th May 1954 Will we control the weather?! 27th May 2023
2 Events
Sun 2nd Jan 1955 Commie newspaper covers climate 1st Jan 2024
Thu 9th Jun 1955 Royal Society misses the point (tbf, easily done) 8th Jun 2023
6 Events
Thu 9th Feb 1956 Scientists puzzle over where the carbon dioxide is going.... 8th Feb 2023
Thu 15th Mar 1956 scientist explains climate change to US senators 14th Mar 2023
Mon 19th Mar 1956 Washington Post reports Revelle's statements 18th Mar 2024
Fri 29th Jun 1956 Just DRIVE, she said... 28th Jun 2023
Sun 28th Oct 1956 New York Times reports "Warmer Climate on the Earth May Be Due To More Carbon Dioxide in the Air" 27th Oct 2022
Tue 27th Nov 1956 New York Times science writer who covered C02 build-up dies. 26th Nov 2023
4 Events
Wed 23rd Jan 1957 New Zealand scientist warns about consequences of carbon dioxide build-up 22nd Jan 2023
Thu 4th Apr 1957 New Scientist runs story on carbon dioxide build-up 3rd Apr 2023
Tue 1st Oct 1957 US Oil company ponders carbon dioxide build-up... 30th Sep 2022
Mon 30th Dec 1957 a letter from Gilbert Plass to Guy Callendar 29th Dec 2023
4 Events
Sun 26th Jan 1958 "Mystery of the Warming World" in Washington Star 25th Jan 2024
Tue 18th Mar 1958 Military man spots carbon dioxide problem 17th Mar 2023
Sat 21st Jun 1958 Washington Post reports 'world turning into a 'greenhouse' 20th Jun 2023
Wed 19th Nov 1958 doctor warns of long-term problem of carbon dioxide build-up 18th Nov 2023
4 Events
Wed 11th Mar 1959 Warmer Arctic Raising World's Sea Level... 10th Mar 2024
Sun 7th Jun 1959 another letter about carbon dioxide build up in the Times of India 6th Jun 2023
Thu 8th Oct 1959 Shell says "nothing to see here" on carbon dioxide build-up 7th Oct 2022
Sun 1st Nov 1959 M1 motorway section opened 31st Oct 2023
4 Events
Thu 21st Jan 1960 at least 435 coal miners killed in apartheid South Africa incident #BusinessAsUsual #Racism #Profiteering #GlobalApartheid 20th Jan 2023
Tue 22nd Mar 1960 US Television warning of carbon dioxide build up, courtesy Athelstan Spilhaus... 21st Mar 2023
Fri 20th May 1960 Spengler suggests decline of the ... whole shebang 19th May 2023
Sat 19th Nov 1960 Guy Callendar gives advice on unpopularity of C02 theory 18th Nov 2023
2 Events
Mon 21st Aug 1961 The UN holds a "new sources of energy" conference. 20th Aug 2023
Thu 23rd Nov 1961 "The Day the Earth Caught Fire" (in Denmark) 22nd Nov 2023
3 Events
Sun 14th Jan 1962 As much truth as one can bear, James Baldwin 13th Jan 2024
Sun 8th Jul 1962 New York Times on 'Glasshouse Effect" 7th Jul 2023
Mon 9th Jul 1962 rainbow bomb parties as hydrogen bomb explodes 8th Jul 2023
5 Events
Mon 4th Feb 1963 A UN conference on technology for "less developed areas" starts 3rd Feb 2023
Tue 12th Mar 1963 first ever carbon dioxide build-up conference 11th Mar 2023
Mon 11th Nov 1963 "Is man upsetting the weather?" 10th Nov 2023
Wed 13th Nov 1963 Ritchie Calder warns of trouble ahead because of carbon dioxide... 12th Nov 2023
Sat 23rd Nov 1963 Doctor Who begins 22nd Nov 2023

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