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George Monbiot  
Tue 15th Dec 2009 Monbiot versus Plimer on Lateline 16th Dec 2023
Gina Rinehart  
Wed 7th Mar 2012 George Christensen and his culture war hijinks. 6th Mar 2024
Fri 15th Mar 2002 GM bails from Global Climate Coalition 14th Mar 2024
Green Jobs  
Thu 30th Oct 2008 a worker-greenie coalition? Maybe... 29th Oct 2023
Greenhouse Challenge  
Wed 9th Dec 1998 Canberra bullshit about environment 8th Dec 2023
Gus Speth  
Thu 15th Jan 1981 US calls for effort to combat global environmental problems 14th Jan 2024
Harold Macmillan  
Wed 18th Nov 1953 Macmillan tells the truth about committees 17th Nov 2023
Hobart Mercury  
Thu 16th Dec 2004 "2 degrees of warming to be a catastrophe" 16th Dec 2023
2 Events
Mon 21st Feb 1972 Horizon and the backlash against "selling doomsday" 20th Feb 2024
Mon 8th Feb 1988 BBC Horizon on The Greenhouse Effect 7th Feb 2024
Ian Plimer  
Tue 15th Dec 2009 Monbiot versus Plimer on Lateline 16th Dec 2023
induced demand  
Sun 1st Nov 1959 M1 motorway section opened 31st Oct 2023
Industry Commission  
Tue 28th Jan 1992 Ros Kelly versus Industry commission on greenhouse plans 27th Jan 2024
International Energy Agency  
Thu 1st Feb 1990 Australian Financial Review ponders carbon tax... (via FT) 31st Jan 2024
International Solar Energy Society  
Wed 4th Mar 1970 American scientist vs ice age fears in Melbourne 3rd Mar 2024
Jack Anderson  
Thu 18th Mar 1971 "Weather modification took a macro-pathological turn" 17th Mar 2024
James F Phillips  
Thu 20th Nov 1930 the Fox is born!! 19th Nov 2023
James Fleming  
Sat 19th Nov 1960 Guy Callendar gives advice on unpopularity of C02 theory 18th Nov 2023
James Lovelock  
2 Events
Tue 24th Jan 1967 Senior British scientist says "by no means can (C02) report be dismissed as science fiction"... 23rd Jan 2024
Fri 27th Jan 1967 James Lovelock told to keep schtum about climate change by Shell science boss 26th Jan 2024
Jerry Mander  
Thu 2nd Nov 1972 "Eco-pornography ... Advertising owns Ecology"... 1st Nov 2023
John Gummer  
Mon 20th Jan 2014 Gummer sledges "green extremists" 19th Jan 2024
Jonathan Moylan  
Thu 18th Dec 2008 Tim DeChristopher does his auction action 17th Dec 2023
Just Stop Oil  
Mon 7th Nov 2022 journalist covering JSO protest arrested 6th Nov 2023
Karen Middleton  
Wed 2nd Mar 1994 A green budget needed in Australia... 1st Mar 2024
Keir Starmer  
Tue 10th Jan 2023 Labour launches a Climate and Environment Forum 9th Jan 2024
Kwasi Kwarteng  
Tue 16th Nov 2021 Chancellor cuddles up to oil bosses, of course. 15th Nov 2023

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