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2 Events
Wed 17th May 1972 New York Times reports carbon dioxide build-up worries... 16th May 2023
Mon 29th Jul 1974 the World (will be heating) according toGARP 28th Jul 2022
2 Events
Wed 16th Jun 1971 "Ecology Action" formed in Sydney. 15th Jun 2022
Thu 24th Aug 1989 a Sydney council takes greenhouse suggestions on-board (or says it will). 23rd Aug 2023
Wed 12th Aug 1970 US Senate warned about climate change 11th Aug 2022
2 Events
Thu 16th Mar 1995 Victorian government plans brown coal exports 16th Mar 2022
Thu 11th Aug 2005 Greenpeace protest Hazelwood power station 10th Aug 2023
Mon 13th Apr 1992 Denialist tosh - "The origins of the alleged scientific consensus" 13th Apr 2022
Western Australia  
Fri 22nd Feb 2013 Idiotic "Damage" astroturf attempted by miners 21st Feb 2023
Alvin Weinberg  
Wed 31st Jan 1979 Alvin Weinberg's "nukes to fix climate change" speech reported 30th Jan 2024
American Association for the Advancement of Science  
2 Events
Wed 19th Nov 1958 doctor warns of long-term problem of carbon dioxide build-up 18th Nov 2023
Mon 29th Dec 1969 AAAS symposium on "Climate and Man" 28th Dec 2023
American Petroleum Institute  
Fri 22nd Feb 1991 Denialist gloating about influence on Bush 11th Feb 2024
Australian National Audit Office  
Thu 4th Mar 2004 The Australian National Audit Office skewers the Australian Greenhouse Office 3rd Mar 2024
Mon 27th Feb 1989 Barron's "Climate of Fear" shame... 26th Feb 2024
Mon 21st Feb 1972 Horizon and the backlash against "selling doomsday" 20th Feb 2024
Fri 26th Oct 2001 BioEnergy Carbon Capture and Storage mooted 25th Oct 2023
Thu 20th Nov 2008 Green capitalism flexes a (weak) BICEP 19th Nov 2023
Bootleggers and Baptists  
Thu 16th Jan 1919 banning things that people like turns out not to work 15th Jan 2024
Mon 29th Dec 1969 AAAS symposium on "Climate and Man" 28th Dec 2023
British Association for the Advancement of Science  
Sat 18th Jan 1964 Nature mentions atmospheric carbon dioxide build-up 17th Jan 2024
Tue 4th Feb 2014 CCSA and TUC release Economic Benefits of CCS report 3rd Feb 2024
Thu 29th Mar 1979 Health impacts of carbon dioxide discussed... 28th Mar 2024
Clean Coal  
Tue 12th Mar 1974 Clean Coal advert in the Wall Street Journal 11th Mar 2024
Climate and Man  
Mon 29th Dec 1969 AAAS symposium on "Climate and Man" 28th Dec 2023
Climate Change Act  
Wed 26th Nov 2008 Climate Change Act becomes law 25th Nov 2023
Wed 24th Mar 2004 Launch of Coal21 National Plan 23rd Mar 2024
Crew Resource Management  
Thu 28th Dec 1978 fly the plane. Don't keep tapping the fuel light. 27th Dec 2023
Cut the Green Crap  
Thu 21st Nov 2013 "Cut the Green Crap" said UK Prime Minister 20th Nov 2023

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