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"Ecology Action" formed in Sydney.

Wed 16th Jun 1971 15 Jun 2022

"Emissions Trading: Harnessing the Power of the Market"

Thu 21st May 1998 20 May 2023

"Energy Futures and Carbon Dioxide" report...

Tue 15th Nov 1983 14 Nov 2023

"Energy, Climate and the Future" seminar in Melbourne

Sun 10th Aug 1980 09 Aug 2022

"environment is not flavor of the month any more"

Wed 26th Jun 1991 26 Jun 2022

"environmental economics" gets a puff piece

Mon 12th Apr 1993 11 Apr 2023

"environmental extremists" want to shut down the United States, says President Bush

Mon 1st Jun 1992 01 Jun 2022

"Environmental Justice" is born. And so is Captain Planet - Redux...

Sat 15th Sep 1990 14 Sep 2022

"Environmental Justice" is born. And so is Captain Planet...

Wed 15th Sep 1982 14 Sep 2022

"Four Degrees or More: Australia in a Hot World" conference closes

Thu 14th Jul 2011 13 Jul 2022

"Global 2000" report released.

Thu 24th Jul 1980 23 Jul 2023

"Global Effects of Environmental Pollution" symposium

Thu 26th Dec 1968 25 Dec 2023

"Greenhouse Action Australia" launches...

Wed 1st Nov 1989 31 Oct 2022

"Greenhouse Action for the 90s" conference leads to "The Melbourne Declaration"

Sun 21st Jul 1991 20 Jul 2022

"Greenhouse action will send Australia to the poorhouse"

Wed 22nd Jan 1992 21 Jan 2024

"Greenhouse Glasnost" USA and USSR to co-operate on climate

Wed 11th May 1988 11 May 2022

"Hawkie" flies off to flog coal

Mon 30th Jan 1989 29 Jan 2024

"Heavy Use of Coal May Bring Adverse Shit in Climate"

Fri 15th Jul 1977 14 Jul 2023

"Hell upon Earth" warning about environmental destruction,inc. climate...

Sat 23rd Nov 1968 22 Nov 2022

"how on earth do you stop using fossil fuels?"

Thu 18th Oct 1973 17 Oct 2022

"I read about them in Time Magazine" (Gilbert Plass's greenhouse warning

Mon 25th May 1953 25 May 2022

"If f we melt the Antarctic, our problems are solved because all of the ports of the world would vanish and the ocean will rise 200 feet."

Sat 4th Oct 1969 03 Oct 2022

"Impacts of climate on Australian Society and Economy" begins...

Mon 27th Nov 1978 26 Nov 2022

"Industrial Group Plans to Battle Climate Treaty"

Sun 26th Apr 1998 25 Apr 2023

"Industry snubs climate strategy"

Sat 30th Dec 2006 29 Dec 2023

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