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anti-carbon tax protesters call Anthony Albanese a "maggot"

Wed 31st Aug 2011 30 Aug 2022

Arrhenius reads his "Influence of Carbonic Acid in the Air" paper to Swedish Academy of Science...

Wed 11th Dec 1895 10 Dec 2022

Art exhibition in Copenhagen saves the world

Sun 27th Dec 2009 26 Dec 2023

article in Nature saying 'it's partly us'

Thu 4th Jul 1996 03 Jul 2023

As much truth as one can bear, James Baldwin

Sun 14th Jan 1962 13 Jan 2024

at least 435 coal miners killed in apartheid South Africa incident #BusinessAsUsual #Racism #Profiteering #GlobalApartheid

Thu 21st Jan 1960 20 Jan 2023

Aussie #climate scientist smeared rather than engaged. Plus ca change...

Wed 25th May 2011 25 May 2022

Aussie environmentalists win a court case...

Fri 29th Oct 2004 28 Oct 2023

Aussie poet and activist Judith Wright in final speech, warns of environmental problems ahead...

Sat 8th Oct 1988 08 Oct 2022

Aussie senator alerts colleagues to #climate threat. Shoulder shrugs all round. #auspol

Fri 23rd May 1980 23 May 2022

Aussie trades unions, greenies, companies tried to get CCS 'moving.'

Wed 16th Apr 2008 15 Apr 2023

Australia as renewable energy superpower

Mon 24th Dec 1990 23 Dec 2023

Australia gets a "Climate Commission"

Thu 10th Feb 2011 09 Feb 2023

Australia hauled over coals for its definition of "equity" #auspol

Thu 7th Mar 1996 07 Mar 2022

Australia learns it has been left "High & Dry" on #climate change

Mon 2nd Jul 2007 01 Jul 2022

Australia refuses to put a tax on carbon: "It's a question of who starts the ball rolling. We won't."

Fri 12th Jun 1992 11 Jun 2022

Australia says "sure, we'll take #climate refugees." Yeah, nah.

Tue 11th Jul 1989 10 Jul 2022

Australia signs the Kyoto Protocol

Wed 29th Apr 1998 28 Apr 2023

Australia to monitor carbon tax experience

Wed 28th Apr 1993 27 Apr 2023

Australia told to pay more than poor countries to help save planet. Does it? Of course it doesn't.

Tue 29th Oct 1991 28 Oct 2022

Australian "plan" to save biodiversity

Tue 26th Aug 2003 25 Aug 2023

Australian "The Heat is on" report released

Tue 7th Nov 2000 06 Nov 2023

Australian "wingnuts are coming out of the woodwork"

Sat 5th Mar 2011 04 Mar 2023

Australian #climate denialist spouting his nonsense...

Sat 8th Sep 1990 07 Sep 2022

Australian #climate stance "will become increasingly devoid of substance" says Liberal politician. Oh yes

Thu 26th May 1994 26 May 2022

xbaoy by CrOsborne