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Australian electricity reforms mean more greenhouse gases...

Wed 25th Jan 1995 24 Jan 2024

Australian Environment Minister admits was blocked by Treasurer on emissions reduction target

Tue 25th Jul 1989 24 Jul 2022

Australian Environment Minister promises deep carbon cuts - "easy"...

Wed 5th Sep 1990 04 Sep 2022

Australian environment minister says happy with "Berlin Mandate"

Sat 8th Apr 1995 08 Apr 2022

Australian environmentalists and businesses united... in disgust at Federal bureaucrats #auspol #climate

Thu 6th Aug 1992 05 Aug 2022

Australian Federal Government makes climate promise, with fingers crossed

Thu 11th Oct 1990 10 Oct 2023

Australian Financial Review ponders carbon tax... (via FT)

Thu 1st Feb 1990 31 Jan 2024

Australian Financial Review says "say yes to Tradeable Emissions Quotas"

Wed 28th Dec 1994 27 Dec 2022

Australian Government CCS support begins...

Thu 5th Dec 2002 04 Dec 2022

Australian High Court "saves" Franklin River (it woz the activists wot won it)

Fri 1st Jul 1983 30 Jun 2023

Australian Liberals warned of wipe-out if seen as "anti-climate action" #auspol

Sat 2nd May 2009 02 May 2022

Australian Mining Industry operative misrepresents the #climate science. Obvs.

Wed 20th Aug 1997 19 Aug 2022

Australian Mining Journal says C02 is a Good Thing

Tue 1st Nov 1988 01 Nov 2023

Australian mining lobby group ups its "sustainability" rhetoric #PerceptionManagement #Propaganda

Sat 12th Jan 2008 11 Jan 2023

Australian National University students told about C02 build-up...

Wed 8th Apr 1970 07 Apr 2023

Australian opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull seals own doom by not bending knee to shock jock

Mon 2nd Nov 2009 01 Nov 2022

Australian parliamentarians taught climate

Tue 29th Nov 1988 28 Nov 2023

Australian petition on solar energy and carbon dioxide build-up...

Thu 20th Oct 1977 19 Oct 2022

Australian PM John Howard as fossil-fuel puppet

Thu 25th Jul 1996 24 Jul 2023

Australian politician calls for "official figures" on #climate to be suspended because they are rubbery af

Tue 5th Aug 1997 04 Aug 2022

Australian politician warns of climate change

Thu 29th Nov 1973 28 Nov 2022

Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke gives greenhouse speech

Wed 23rd Nov 1988 22 Nov 2023

Australian Prime Minister connects bush fires and #climate change

Tue 8th Jan 2013 07 Jan 2023

Australian Prime Minister John Howard meets business, to kill renewables

Thu 6th May 2004 05 May 2023

Australian Prime Minister John Howard spouting "nuclear to fix climate" nonsense

Mon 15th May 2006 15 May 2022

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