"We are not the makers of history. We are made by it." ― Martin  Luther King


Articles about particular individuals - including biographies, obituaries, interviews, and memories of a particular person by the author.

Please remember that all such items are extremely subjective and always should always be read with awareness of who wrote it and why.

Sub-categories listed below

Subcategories of People

  • Green Pioneers - with 12 articles

    Short potted biographies of some key Green activists and thinkers who pre-date 1972. List available in blog layout (with picture and intro text) or table layout (all listed on a single page)

    • For short introductions to those who were active in the UK in the early stages see Green Activists.
    • For general articles about individuals including obituaries and interviews see People.

  • Green Activists

    Short articles on people who were active in getting the green movement going in the UK. Many are still alive.

    Initial articles will include:

    • Edward Goldsmith - founder of te Ecologist and lead author of Blueprint for Survival
    • Robert Allen - author of Blueprint for Survival
    • Peter Allen - Policy lead for PEOPLE, author of Ecology Party first manifesto
    • Michael Benfield - co-founder of PEOPLE and communications and Election strategist
    • Tony & Lesley Whittaker - co-founders of PEOPLE and first Chairman and Treasurer
    • Clive Lord - National Secretary PEOPLE
    • Jonathan Tyler - Chairman of Ecology Party NEC from 1977
    • Jonathon Porritt  Chairman of Ecology Party NEC from 1979

  • Green Thinkers

    Philosophers and writers on Ecology and Green developing green ideas since about 1970

    Initial articles in preparation include:

    • Arne Naas
    • James Lovelock

    Please do suggest others that you think should be covered here.

    See also Green Pioneers (especially Zeno and Schumacher) and Green Movers, some of whom made significant contributions to green thinking