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  • Michael Allaby, Ecologist Managing Editor in 1972. Author
  • Robert Allen, Ecologist Deputy Editor in 1972
  • Tony Cordy, member of Tibetan Ukrainian Mountain Troupe
  • Fran De'Ath, participant in Womens Peace Camp Greenham and solo vigil at Works (later Green) Gate at Greenham
  • Jeremy Faull, Ecology Party first County Councillor, Cornwall 1977. Obituary
  • Phil Foggitt, founder and first co-ordinator of Oxford Ecology Party 1979
  • Alan Francis,  co-founder of Oxford Ecology Movement in 1978
  • Bruce Garrard. Green Collective activist
  • Andy Hope, participant in Convoy and Green Roadshow
  • Kevin Hutton, from Tipi Valley in Wales was the only person convicted for the demolition of a section of fence at Greenham on 9th July 1982 and sentenced to 8 months. 
  • Magpie John, owner of scrap yard at Inglestowe Common in Glous - regular venue for a free festival
  • Helen Johns, participant in Womens Peace Camp Greenham
  • Petra Kelly. 
  • John Marjoram. Longest serving Green Councillor continuously since 1986 for Stroud District Council
  • Sara Parkin. Green Party activist and Chair of Council in 1992. Instrumental in Green 2000 initiative.
  • Sid Rawle. Dubbed by press "King of the Hippies". Alternative Activist. Ecology Party NEC member 1980
  • Martin Stott. Member of PERG.
  • Caroline Taylor, participant in Women's Peace Camp Greenham
  • Susan Taylor. Member of Oxford Ecology Movement stood in West Ward in 1979 Oxford Council Election
  • Gordon Thompson. Member of PERG and Oxford Ecology Movement. Initial chairman of OEM