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Peace General Peace Movement organisation documents Parent: Organisations
SubCats: Green CND, Greenham, Molesworth
PEOPLE-MS Documents relating to the formation and merging of Movement for Survival and PEOPLE in 1972-1974 which then became the Ecology Party in 1975.   Gen ... Parent: Political Parties
SubCats: Newsletters
Political Parties Documents relating to organisations with explicitly political aims. Sub-categories for specific organisations with several documents SubCats: Ecology Party, EP Election Leaflets, EP Leaflets, EP Manifestos, EP Newsletters, GP Newsletters, Green Party, International, Newsletters, PEOPLE-MS 3
Publications SubCats: Green Line, Green Options, Offprints, Towards Survival 2
Towards Survival Towards Survival was a journal created and edited by Keith Hudson in June 1972 as a response to the publication of Blueprint for Survival in the Ecolo ... Parent: Publications
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