Ecology Party

Documents relating to the Ecology Party organisation. Manifestos, Electioneering, General Leaflets, Correspondence, Press Releases, Articles

Handwritten form letter from John Davenport, to Steve Lambert giving details of the 6 AP candidates for the May 1976 Local elections and appealing for help

Constitutional Decisions June 1974 - Sept 1976

Summary of constitutional decisions made by NEC from 21st June 74 meeting through till 4th April 1976. Labelled as all decisions in force at 1/9/76.

Formal minutes of 1976 conference and AGM

An Introduction to the Ecology Party pamphlet
Ecology Party Constitution 1977

Party Constitution as adopted at Conference September 1977

Jonathan Tyler's report, as Party Chairman, to Sept 1978 Conference in Birmingham

Secretary's report to Conference 1978

Sally Willington (secretary) report to conference on 1977-78 activity

Report of Conference to Members 1978

Supplement send out with newsletter #7 (Jan 1979) containg a report of proceedings by Sally Willington, report of the 'Technology' discussion by David Kemball-Cook, NEC election result, further comments by Sally, unsigned report on 'Values and Philosophy' discussion (led by J.Porritt) - possibly by Howard Hoptrough as editor.

Provisional Candidate List Ecology Party 1979 General Election
Press Release from SW Ecology Party 1979 General Election

Includes SW candidate list and mini biographies

Conference Keele Sept 1979 Agenda & Info

Agenda timetable and information for 1979 AGM and Conference held at Keele Uni 7th-9th September.

Cartoon graphics and hand lettered text about packaging and Recycle Refuse Re-use

EP Advert The Alternative to the Nuclear State 1982

We do not inherit the world from our parents...We borrow it from our children. Advert for EP "The real alternative to the nuclear state". Believed to have been used full page in magazines and as a flyer.

Article by Adrian Williams on the first 10 years

Typewritten article by Adrian Williams reflecting on the first 10 years of the party. Possibly used as a speech to the birthday party?

Article by Sally Willington on the first 10 years

Typewritten article by Sally WIllington on the first 10 years, possibly draft for publication or used as speech at the 10 year celebration.

Article in EcoNews April 1983 by Tony Whittaker reflecting on 10 years of the party.

Financial Statement to Conference Sept 1978

Financial report for Nov 1977 to August 1978

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