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In the early 1985 the Ecology Party was renamed as The Green Party. Documents here cover the period 1985 until the 1989 high water mark.

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Green Party Leaflet 1985

Archived: February 2017

DocTypes: Leaflet

Sources: DT

Years: 1985

Green Party leaflet 1985 "Politics for Life"

Hackney Ecology/Green Party New Dawn Poster 1985

Archived: February 2018

DocTypes: Poster

Years: 1985

Poster for a meeting branded as Hackney Green Party published well ahead of the Conference in Dover in September which formally adopted the new name. Note the Green Ring used as a first logo.

Green Party General Election Manifesto 1987

Archived: January 2018

DocTypes: Manifesto

Sources: PF

Years: 1987

"Green Politics provides each of us with the challenge to reject the path: ' of false technology and to recapture not some 'romantic golden age' but a truly satisfying and sustainable future for both ourselves and our earth. It is a greenprint for an age of understanding."

Green Party Liverpool Manifesto 1988

Archived: January 2018

DocTypes: Manifesto

Sources: PCox

Years: 1988

Produced by Liverpool Green Party as an introduction and summary to Green policies

GP Did You Know? factsheet 1990

Archived: February 2019

Sources: SL

10 facts about the green party. Produced in early 1990, focusing London - usage unclear, possibly for new members in London.


Archived: January 2018

DocTypes: Manifesto

Sources: PF

New Directions: The Path to a Green Britain Now

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