Towards Survival

Towards Survival was a journal created and edited by Keith Hudson in June 1972 as a response to the publication of Blueprint for Survival in the Ecologist January 1972. For a while a copy was sent free to new members of PEOPLE. The magazine finally folded in March 1975.

PEOPLE newsletter for March/April 1975 carried the following announcement:
"Lament for the passing of "Toward Survival" which ceased publication for financial reasons with their last (March) issue. Started in June '72 as a discussion journal hoping to see the emergence of radical ideas for the substainable, non growth society, editor/ publisher and early days printer Keith Hudson subsidised it out of his own pocket. Laterly he has been aided in this by the efforts of Tim Bouquet.
Anyone who has seen just one or two issues of this sturdy little magazine will no doubt agree that Keith more than achieved his aim. For his efforts and those of his assistants (not forgetting his wife June and family) and to all contributors (Margaret Law-Smith especially), everyone in the alternatives movement, has cause to be grateful. We in PEOPLE render particular thanks for the support and publicity which T.S. afforded us."
A few editions are available here, more will be added as we find them.
Towards Survival #17 Supplement on M40 Nov.73
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