Documents relating to the formation and merging of Movement for Survival and PEOPLE in 1972-1974 which then became the Ecology Party in 1975.


Generally accessible documents in the public domain. Includes scans of published material and electronic format originals converted to pdf (if not originally acquired as pdf). Scanned documents may have optical character recognition applied but consequential text content has not been checked and should be treated as approximate. Ownership and copyright remains with the original publisher where traceable - check individual document details before reproducing.

Ecologist Blueprint for Survival Preface Jan'72

The preface to the Jan 1972 issue of The Ecologist setting out principles for Movement for Survival

PEOPLE proposed organisational structure 1972

Hand drawn draft organisational chart for PEOPLE. Believed to date from late 1972/early 1973

Ecologist Movement for Survival Notice Jan72

The single page advert announcing Movement for Survival in the Jan'72 edition of The Ecologist (Blueprint for Survival issue)

PEOPLE supporters advert in press Jan 1973

Advert in Coventry Evening Telegraph 31st January 1973 calling for supporters.

Leaflet from 1974 for PEOPLE "Battle of Britain"

PEOPLE second leaflet from 1974.

Ecologist Editorial Supporting PEOPLE Feb 1974

Editorial by Teddy Goldsmith in support of PEOPLE for the February 1974 General Election

Goldsmith Election Address Feb 1974

"A FUTURE for our children. An environment fit for PEOPLE" on the cover. Includes flyer and Ecologist editorial

Goldsmith Election flyer Feb 1974

Single page from the election address. It is unclear whether and in what format this material was used.

PEOPLE Manifesto For Survival 1974

PEOPLE first manifesto adopted at Conference June 1974.
"A Manifesto for Survival"

PEOPLE Information Sheet A 1974

Basic information sheet about PEOPLE. Dating from after the June 74 conference but before the October election

List of NEC members produced after the first (1974) Conference.

PEOPLE Information Sheet B 1974

A4 information sheet about PEOPLE and its key policies. Probably produced between July and October 1974. The handwritten annotation "Vote for Patterson (Liberal & People party Candidate)" indicates this was distributed  by D.Taylor during a school mock election in October 1974. He was barred by the school from standing himself as a PEOPLE candidate, so formed an alliance with the boy (Patterson) standing for the Liberal Party. In the event they came a solid second to the Tory (it was a Public School) 

PEOPLE Membership List summer 1974

List of PEOPLE members as distributed to new members. 221 names listed. Believed to date from around September 1974.

Letter Clive Lord to DT 1974 with PEOPLE statement on reverse

Letter from Clive Lord for PEOPLE to David Taylor in response to a request for more information. On the reverse is a statement of PEOPLE's position.

PEOPLE election poster/flyer for Lesley Whittaker in Coventry North West election 1974 

Editorial by Peter Carline discussing the PEOPLE manifesto for the October election and suggesting support for PEOPLE candidates.

Press Release from PEOPLE re EU Referendum 1975

Press release issued 31st May detailing PEOPLE position on the EU - vote NO to Europe

Original Correct Chronology paper from 1994
Letter from Teddy Goldsmith responding to Chronology paper Nov 1994
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