News sheets and newsletters were distributed to all members from at least Feb'74 through till March/April'75. There may be one or two more that we are currently missing, From June'75 the name changed to Ecology Party and EP newsletters from 1975 to 1985 can be found in the Ecology Party area. In addition new members of PEOPLE were sent a free copy of the journal Towards Survival. 

PEOPLE News sheet #1 Feb 1974

First news sheet sent to all PEOPLE members dated Feb'74 but includes election result so must in fact have been sent after polling day 28th Feb. Edited by Michael Benfield as National Organisation and Communications Officer

PEOPLE News sheet #2 March 1974

Second news sheet sent to all members in late March 1974 after the election de-brief meeting

The third news sheet, now rebranded as "Newsletter" . Edited by Michael Benfield

Fourth newsletter to all members. Ends with request to "ensure that this is passed around to all members of your group" so possibly not sent to every member individually.

PEOPLE Newsletter #5 August 1974

15 short items covering a wide range of topics as the party starts to get organised. An October election is anticipated (as in fact happened)

Extended issue sent to all journalists who contacted PEOPLE at the previous election and all organisations with environment or survival connections, in addition to members. 

PEOPLE Newsletter #7 October 1974

No matter who you voted for the Government got in - Editorial

PEOPLE Newsletter #8 November 1974

Democracy is Dead - Long Live Democracy

New format A5 booklet. Editorial Time to Set a Lead

PEOPLE Newsletter #10 April-March 1975

Diary and NEC notes. No editorial as such.

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