Green Line

The GreenLine Collective published GreenLine, a  printed newsletter/magazine 10 times a year from 1982 to 1998. Scanned back issues of GreenLine up until 1989 will be available here as PDF files. All files have been scanned and OCR'd at 300dpi, but then reduced to 150dpi to cut down file size. OCR quality is variable as is the original print quality. Contact us if you would like access to higher resolution files (not all are available). There is an introductory article Green Line Magazine and a list of contents for each year- GreenLine Contents 1982 | 1983 | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 | 1989 |

Cover headlines: Brandt’s Con Trick, Why Molesworth, Feminism & Ecology, Direct Democracy & the Dual Approach. 4 page pullout on Brandt Report in centre.

Green Line 02 April-May 1982

No cover headline. Drawing of giant sunflower with parade of placards beneath. Feature article part 1 of Theories of Unemployment by Tim Cooper. 

Cover headline: ‘If you want peace prepare for war peace’ below graphic.

Cover headline: ‘The Greens are Gathering’ graphic around a sunflower.

Cover headline: ‘Peace Camps’ over graphic

Green Line 06 October 1982

Cover headline: ‘ Revolution: Red or Green? Bahro joins Die Grunen’

Green Line 07 November 1982

Cover headline: ‘Defence Special’ below graphic of seedling. 4 page pullout on Defence issues in centre

Green Line 08 December 1982 - January 1983

Cover headline "A Place For Us All" under graphic of the wild world

Green Line 09 February 1983

Cover cartoon of boxing match between world leaders with CND symbols and labelled Geneva Peace Talks (this over a year before Frankie Goes To Hollywood released "Two Tribes")

From cover graphic image of Tony Benn captioned "I used to think the Labour Party would be the umbrella that covered it all"

Front cover title "The Sizewell Reaction..." over image of trawler and undersea explosion

Front cover title "A New Agriculture" under graphic of plans and trees.

Front cover CND peace symbol in sunflower surrounded by assorted smaller sunflower logos. Title "Party or Politics. COs in Germany. Embrace the trees. Food Politics. Berlin Demo"

Green Line 14 July-August 1983

Front cover title "The Dawning" under graphic.  Banner headlines "Star Marches. Green Anarchy. Nuclear Tax..."

Green Line 15 September 1983

Front cover title "Make It green" under world in petals logo (possibly first use of this predating adoption as GP logo in 1985). Headline "Murray Bookchin: Beyond the Freeze. Gender balance. Is Jesus green?"

Green Line 16 October 1983

Front cover Yin-Yang graphic surrounded by petals. Headlines "Green Spirituality. Acid Rain. Bahro on Russia."

Green Line 17 November 1983

Front cover graphic of robot soldier tearing up pylons. Headlines "Before the Deluge. Chile. Solidarity going green?"

Green Line 18 December 1983 - January 1984

Cover: Colour graphic “1984”. Headlines: Mixed Greenham Demo, After Cruise, Raymond Williams, Britain rapes the Philippines

Green Line 19 February 1984

Cover: B&W photo of Soviet style statue with a woman behind three men with caption Polish women are two steps behind and almost invisible.
Headlines: SERA-GreenCND Conference, Raymond Williams, Poland in Winter, India

Cover: Graphic of plants and roots with caption Fertility from the stones.
Headlines: Susan Griffin: Schumacher lecture, Action’84: will CND catch up? Free Jen Hutchinson

Cover: Sunflower graphic
Headlines: David Blunkett: to rebuild Sheffield, Susan Griffen: Ideologies of Madness

Cover: Graphic of broken sunflower with caption Green Split
Headlines: Is the Ecology Party Played Out?, Sex and Gender

Cover: Graphic soviet style posers with sunflowers and caption “Green Socialism
Headlines: Anarchist Themes, Porritt on Eco, Tatchell Interview, Earth Mysteries, Mothering

Cover: Graphic of policeman over meditating monk with caption Non-violence in India?
Headlines: Son of woman, Gandhi betrayed, Home education, Animal Lib is green.

Green Line 25 August-September 1984

Cover: Tipis and mountains with cation Uranium Mining
Headlines: Canada’s Indians: Nuclear Genocide, Disuniting the States, Green Gathering Lives!

Green Line 26 October 1984

Cover; Graphic intertwined Yin-yang, anarchy and feminine symbols
Headlines: Authority and control: Green alternatives, FoE’s political dilemma, Gandhians or Gandians?, Greening David Owen

Cover: Graphic of peace dove and sunflower
Headlines: Greens support the Miners, A future for trees?, Talking to Porritt, Molesworth Green Village

Green Line 28 December 1984 - January 1985

Cover price increase to 40p
Cover: Graphic starving mother and child with caption Dying For You To Have A Happy Christmas
Headlines: Famine: death by design, Molesworth in pictures, Nitrate pollution, Festive recipes

Green Line 37 November 1985

Cover: Graphic of grave, cross and flowers. Caption “Remember…and DISARM!”

Headlines: Economics is bunk, Saunders Lewis, Greening of Labour, Dounreay, Mysteries of the Yew

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