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  • Goldsmith, E

    Edward (Teddy) Goldsmith, founder of The Ecologist magazine 1970. ...

  • Green CND

    Green CND, 1975 to 1985. Responsible for some of the resurgence of CND in the late 70s and

  • Green Collective

    The Green Collective, 1981-1987. Breakaway from Ecology Party initially to organise movement

  • Greenfields

    Articles about the Greenfields area at Glastonbury Festival

  • Greenpeace-UK

    Greenpeace UK, 1977 to today. Parent organisation founded in Canada in founded 1969-71,

  • Greenwood, S

    Active participant in Green Collective founder of Women for Life on Earth

  • Hanbury-Tenison, R

    Robin Hanbury Tenison, founder of Primitive Peoples Fund/Survival International

  • Hope, A

    Andy Hope, participant in Convoy and Green Roadshow

  • Hutton, K

    Kevin Hutton, from Tipi Valley in Wales was the only person convicted for the demolition of a

  • John, M

    Magpie John, owner of scrap yard at Inglestowe Common in Glous - regular venue for a free

  • Johns, H

    Helen Johns, participant in Womens Peace Camp Greenham

  • Liberal Party

    Liberal, later Liberal Democrat, Party. Third largest UK political party

  • London EP/GP

    The Ecology/Green Party London branch - later London Federation of Green Parties as sub-groups

  • Lord, C

    Clive Lord. National Secretary PEOPLE, on NEC from 1974. Originator of Citizens Income