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  • Marjoram, J

    John Marjoram. Longest serving Green Councillor continuously since 1986 for Stroud District

  • Meadows, D

    Donella Meadows, lead author "Limits to Growth" 1972. ...

  • MS

    Movement for Survival. 1972-1973. Not to be confused with MfSS (Manifesto for Sustainable

  • OEM

    Oxford Ecology Movement 1978-1979. Created by members of PERG with explicitly political aims of

  • OEP

    Oxford Ecology Party 1979-

  • Opinions

    Articles coloured with the author's own opinion - almost all reportage can be viewed as

  • Ougbridge, B

    Brig Oubridge, Eco Activist since late 70s in many actions and organisations. Long term

  • OxfordEA

    Oxford Ecology Action, 1971 First EA group in UK, Ecology Action originated in US in 1969

  • Parkin, S

    Sara Parkin. Green Party activist and Chair of Council in 1992. Instrumental in Green 2000


    political party UK 1973-1975 (successor: The Ecology Party)

  • PERG

    Political Ecology Research Group

  • Planet Waves

    Musical group led by Den Ray. "House Band" of Green Collective

  • Political

    Explicitly political organisations and parties

  • Porritt, J

    Jonathon Porritt. Chair of National Committee of Ecology Party 1979 to 1982, Co-chair with two

  • PPF

    Primitive People's Fund.  1969 to 1972 - became Survival International and continues to today.

  • Rawle, S

    Sid Rawle. Dubbed by press "King of the Hippies". Alternative Activist. Ecology Party NEC