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  • Roles

    Head tag for group of people roles - Pioneer, Thinker,Activist etc

  • SDP

    Social Democratic Party. UK political party split form Labour in 1981, merged into Liberals

  • SERA

    Socialist Environment & Resources Association. Group associated with the Labour Party

  • Sierra Club

    The Sierra Club, 1892 to today. Founded by Scottish preservationist John Muir. Possibly the

  • Taylor, C

    Caroline Taylor, participant in Women's Peace Camp Greenham

  • Taylor, D

    David Taylor. Joined and stood as PEOPLE candidate in 1974 school election, EP SW region

  • Taylor, S

    Susan Taylor. Member of Oxford Ecology Movement stood in West Ward in 1979 Oxford Council

  • Thompson, G

    Gordon Thompson. Member of PERG and Oxford Ecology Movement. Initial chairman of OEM

  • TUMT

    Tibetean Ukranian Mountain Troupe

  • Tyler, J

    Jonathan Tyler. Chairman of Executive Committee for Ecology Party NEC from 1976 to 1979