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  • Allaby Michael Allaby, Ecologist Managing Editor in 1972
  • Allen, R Robert Allen, Ecologist Deputy Editor in 1972
  • Arrhenius Svante August Arrhenius (1859–1927). Green pioneer
  • Benfield Michael Benfield, co-founder of PEOPLE 1972
  • Carson Rachel Carson, author "Silent Spring" 1962
  • Cheke Anthony Cheke, co-founder of Oxford Ecology Movement in 1978
  • Cordy Tony Cordy, member of Tibetan Ukrainian Mountain Troupe
  • De'Ath Fran De'Ath, participant in Womens Peace Camp Greenham and solo vigil at Works (later Green) Gate at Greenham
  • EU The European Union also The Common Market and The European Economic Community (EEC)