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International Parent: Political Parties
Labour Parent: Political Parties
Liberal Parent: Political Parties
Mailings Parent: Green Collective
Molesworth Molesworth related documents including the peace camp, the 1984 Green Gathering, the Rainbow Village Parent: Peace
Newsletters News sheets and newsletters were distributed to all members from at least Feb'74 through till March/April'75. There may be one or two more that we ar ... Parent: PEOPLE-MS
Offprints Single articles from various newsletters, magazines, journals and similar sources Parent: Publications
Organisations Other green related organisations and networks. Sub-categories where there are more than a couple of documents relating to one organisation or network ... SubCats: FoE, Green CND, Green Collective, Green Gathering, Greenham, Greenpeace, Mailings, Molesworth, Other Groups, Oxford Ecology Movement, Oxford PERG, Peace 0
Other Groups Parent: Organisations
Oxford Ecology Movement Formed in Oxford in 1978 explicitly to put up a general election candidate with a bottom-up distributed approach to organisation in contrast to the mo ... Parent: Organisations
Oxford PERG Parent: Organisations
Peace General Peace Movement organisation documents Parent: Organisations
SubCats: Green CND, Greenham, Molesworth
PEOPLE-MS Documents relating to the formation and merging of Movement for Survival and PEOPLE in 1972-1974 which then became the Ecology Party in 1975.   Gen ... Parent: Political Parties
SubCats: Newsletters
Political Parties Documents relating to organisations with explicitly political aims. Sub-categories for specific organisations with several documents SubCats: Conservative, Ecology Party, EP Election Leaflets, EP Leaflets, EP London, EP Manifestos, EP Newsletters, EP Pamphlets, EP SW, GP Election Leaflets, GP Leaflets, GP Manifestos, GP Newsletters, Green Party, International, Labour, Liberal, Newsletters, PEOPLE-MS, SDP 3
Publications SubCats: Green Line, Green Options, Offprints, Towards Survival 2
SDP Parent: Political Parties
Towards Survival Towards Survival was a journal created and edited by Keith Hudson in June 1972 as a response to the publication of Blueprint for Survival in the Ecolo ... Parent: Publications
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